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Rank Name Raised
161st Follow the Dingo! Follow the Dingo! $1,157
Members of Follow the Dingo!
875th Chris Booth Chris Booth $580
1139th Kirsty Reason Kirsty Reason $505
3616th Katie Higgins Katie Higgins $72
162nd The Sprocketeers The Sprocketeers $1,154
Members of The Sprocketeers
593rd Craig Collier Craig Collier $725
1704th Paul Pallot Paul Pallot $305
3616th Mike Pierre Mike Pierre $72
163rd Anzac Park Public School Anzac Park Public School $1,154
Members of Anzac Park Public School
332nd Aaron Hoch Aaron Hoch $1,029
4472nd Tom Drewe Tom Drewe $36
164th Wheelie Terrific Wheelie Terrific $1,146
Members of Wheelie Terrific
1324th Kate Andrewartha Kate Andrewartha $423
1436th Elizabeth May Matuschka Elizabeth May Matuschka $385
1571st Karlene Heathcote Karlene Heathcote $339
165th Wildys Wildys $1,144
Members of Wildys
3600th Jodi Wildy Jodi Wildy $72
3616th Angus Wildy Angus Wildy $72
3616th Daniel Wildy Daniel Wildy $72
3616th Rosie Wildy Rosie Wildy $72
166th Team Kinsella Team Kinsella $1,142
Members of Team Kinsella
258th William Kinsella William Kinsella $1,131
5542nd Kristina Kinsella Kristina Kinsella $10
167th Worst Pace Scenario Worst Pace Scenario $1,139
Members of Worst Pace Scenario
568th Sara Boardman Sara Boardman $745
1637th Sarah O'Keefe Sarah O'Keefe $321
3616th Rebecca Horrell Rebecca Horrell $72
N/A Luke Mckew Luke Mckew $0
N/A Monika Klusek Monika Klusek $0
168th Biking for Hope Biking for Hope $1,136
Members of Biking for Hope
577th Benjamin Williams Benjamin Williams $740
2154th Anthony Williams Anthony Williams $221
2727th Isobel Williams Isobel Williams $140
4557th Astin Williams Astin Williams $36
169th Stromlo Night Riders Stromlo Night Riders $1,136
Members of Stromlo Night Riders
659th Corey Quinane Corey Quinane $678
1501st Jason Tankard Jason Tankard $360
3616th Dan Watson Dan Watson $72
5198th John Andriunas John Andriunas $26
N/A Mel Croaker Mel Croaker $0
170th Crowther family Crowther family $1,118
Members of Crowther family
874th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $580
997th Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $538
171st Gears ‘n’ Beers Gears ‘n’ Beers $1,116
Members of Gears ‘n’ Beers
614th Conor Rafferty Conor Rafferty $709
2287th Ben McDonald Ben McDonald $200
172nd Heavy Hitters Heavy Hitters $1,113
Members of Heavy Hitters
1327th Alex Alamos Alex Alamos $419
2040th Matthew Cullen Matthew Cullen $243
173rd Melbourne Chain Gang Melbourne Chain Gang $1,099
Members of Melbourne Chain Gang
580th Bruce Glover Bruce Glover $738
1885th Jay Coady Jay Coady $268
3916th Shannon Nutt Shannon Nutt $67
5198th Don McRae Don McRae $26
N/A Peter Jessup Peter Jessup $0
174th Team Wong Team Wong $1,094
Members of Team Wong
284th Nicole Wong Nicole Wong $1,094
175th Plummers and friends Plummers and friends $1,091
Members of Plummers and friends
1430th Glenn Hopgood Glenn Hopgood $387
1997th Peter Paproth Peter Paproth $248
3166th David Plummer David Plummer $104
3166th Jason Grieves Jason Grieves $104
3375th Mark Plummer Mark Plummer $93
4038th Ken Plummer Ken Plummer $52
4038th Matt Plummer Matt Plummer $52
N/A Bruce Butler Bruce Butler $0
176th Embassy Fam Embassy Fam $1,089
Members of Embassy Fam
317th Shannie Lee Shannie Lee $1,053
4472nd Scott Clarke Scott Clarke $36
177th Goldfields Chasers Goldfields Chasers $1,082
Members of Goldfields Chasers
903rd Mark Walker Mark Walker $570
1505th Georgia MacGuire Georgia MacGuire $243
2301st Maria Lacey Maria Lacey $197
4035th Trish Ipsen Trish Ipsen $52
5262nd Joe Lacey Joe Lacey $21
178th The party of twelve The party of twelve $1,076
Members of The party of twelve
1444th Cody Naetzker Cody Naetzker $383
1771st Marni Naetzker Marni Naetzker $290
2301st Lindsay Jones Lindsay Jones $197
2546th Rachel Jones Rachel Jones $160
4398th Blake Vincent Blake Vincent $47
N/A Erin Vincent Erin Vincent $0
179th Build Up Bandits Build Up Bandits $1,075
Members of Build Up Bandits
484th Brad George Brad George $805
2301st Jac Crofton Jac Crofton $197
180th Wallaroo Primary Adventurers Wallaroo Primary Adventurers $1,062
Members of Wallaroo Primary Adventurers
650th Dominica Thomson Dominica Thomson $751
1226th Rebecca Kemp Rebecca Kemp $160
3616th Emma Lukong Emma Lukong $72
N/A jordi thomson jordi thomson $0
N/A Mark Thomson Mark Thomson $0
N/A Mel Todd Mel Todd $0
N/A Susanne Carter Susanne Carter $0