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Rank Name Raised
41st The Jeffery’s  are Back The Jeffery’s are Back $558
Members of The Jeffery’s are Back
170th Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn $438
542nd David Mcmaster David Mcmaster $120
N/A Bailey Cockburn Bailey Cockburn $0
N/A Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $0
42nd #LittleLifeOfUsForKids #LittleLifeOfUsForKids $540
Members of #LittleLifeOfUsForKids
128th Shazzaj Charters Shazzaj Charters $540
43rd Team Empire Cycles Team Empire Cycles $521
Members of Team Empire Cycles
206th William Mienie William Mienie $367
451st Josh Moore Josh Moore $154
44th Palm Peddlers Palm Peddlers $509
Members of Palm Peddlers
256th Ossie Sutton Ossie Sutton $298
405th Aaron Linsell Aaron Linsell $176
1159th Tony Kelly Tony Kelly $35
45th YC Cart YC Cart $507
Members of YC Cart
181st Aaron Chan Aaron Chan $409
661st Nathanael Chan Nathanael Chan $98
46th VomHill VomHill $494
Members of VomHill
200th Robin Farmer Robin Farmer $375
683rd Mat Baker Mat Baker $92
47th The Elite The Elite $464
Members of The Elite
180th Eduan Geustyn Eduan Geustyn $413
868th Reynhardt Smit Reynhardt Smit $52
48th Team Rawadi Team Rawadi $450
Members of Team Rawadi
167th Joey Rawadi Joey Rawadi $450
49th The Coro Crew The Coro Crew $424
Members of The Coro Crew
224th Jack Wallis Jack Wallis $352
729th Dylan Smith Dylan Smith $72
N/A Jake Zervaas Jake Zervaas $0
N/A Will Haines Will Haines $0
50th IFM Cyclomaniacs IFM Cyclomaniacs $416
Members of IFM Cyclomaniacs
270th hunter Hurst hunter Hurst $279
701st Sheree Geci Sheree Geci $87
950th Katherine Flack Katherine Flack $50
51st Regional Domination Regional Domination $412
Members of Regional Domination
323rd Daniel de Vries Daniel de Vries $236
410th Sam Austin Sam Austin $176
52nd Cycling Dads Australia Cycling Dads Australia $411
Members of Cycling Dads Australia
232nd Michael worker Michael worker $340
786th Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland $71
N/A Adam Condipodero Adam Condipodero $0
N/A Ben Stewart Ben Stewart $0
N/A Damien Knuckey Damien Knuckey $0
N/A Jeremy Holt Jeremy Holt $0
N/A Kristian Andrejewskis Kristian Andrejewskis $0
N/A Mike Harding Mike Harding $0
N/A Richard Marks Richard Marks $0
N/A Tobe Cooper Tobe Cooper $0
438th Mary Glavan Mary Glavan $160
729th Daniel Glavan Daniel Glavan $72
847th Mirjana Babamovski Mirjana Babamovski $62
N/A Joe Curtale Joe Curtale $0
54th mac n dyl mac n dyl $393
Members of mac n dyl
262nd Macca McIntosh Macca McIntosh $290
709th Dylan McDonald Dylan McDonald $83
55th MTB Bandits MTB Bandits $388
Members of MTB Bandits
635th Andrew Poon Andrew Poon $102
719th Michael Ung Michael Ung $77
842nd Simon Tea Simon Tea $66
1021st Johnson Dao Johnson Dao $36
1159th Nix Tea Nix Tea $35
N/A Ash Cox Ash Cox $0
N/A Phong Thai Phong Thai $0
N/A Tony Nguyen Tony Nguyen $0
56th Anita and Will Anita and Will $388
Members of Anita and Will
190th Anita Renzullo Anita Renzullo $388
N/A William Turner William Turner $0
57th R&A R&A $377
Members of R&A
284th Alenka Jeram Alenka Jeram $273
606th Ronald Inglesby Ronald Inglesby $104
58th Benson’s Benson’s $371
Members of Benson’s
402nd Maison Benson Maison Benson $180
503rd Harper Benson Harper Benson $124
841st Landon Benson Landon Benson $67
59th Ingram Ingram $342
Members of Ingram
344th phillip ingram phillip ingram $217
1046th Ryan Ingram Ryan Ingram $36
N/A Rebecca Langley Rebecca Langley $0
60th Lobster 🦞 Legs Lobster 🦞 Legs $342
Members of Lobster 🦞 Legs
229th Tanja Kubitza Tanja Kubitza $342
N/A Meraz Thapa Meraz Thapa $0