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Rank Name Raised
153rd Show Us Your Cleats Show Us Your Cleats $1,947.93
Members of Show Us Your Cleats
1112th Karen MacDougal Karen MacDougal $897.22
2055th Brenton Pobjie Brenton Pobjie $550.70
3255th Kylie Rose Kylie Rose $239.56
3921st Lu McQuilliam Lu McQuilliam $122.46
4310th Tracy Edwards Tracy Edwards $74.99
5078th Jane McHugh Jane McHugh $26.78
N/A Jane McHugh Jane McHugh $0
N/A Paul Roberts Paul Roberts $0
101st NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services $2,725.81
Members of NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services
259th Megan Duncan Megan Duncan $1,912.90
1781st Grayson McKinlay Grayson McKinlay $619.88
4784th Julian Robinson Julian Robinson $38.20
4784th Mark Keynes Mark Keynes $38.20
5076th Axl Dethmore Axl Dethmore $28.66
335th Hogs and Hogettes Hogs and Hogettes $927.26
Members of Hogs and Hogettes
1228th Marc Brooks Marc Brooks $834.99
4210th Sue Akeroyd Sue Akeroyd $92.27
240th FightingFit FightingFit $1,318.90
Members of FightingFit
N/A Sean McDonald Sean McDonald $937.93
N/A Jason Pontt Jason Pontt $158.44
N/A Mikaela Pontt Mikaela Pontt $124.20
N/A Tori Stewart Tori Stewart $0
301st Rivo Roadrunners Rivo Roadrunners $1,040.71
Members of Rivo Roadrunners
2487th Laurie Hunt Laurie Hunt $446.74
2955th Tony Scurry Tony Scurry $307.68
3545th Colin Meadows Colin Meadows $184.55
16th Sam’s Legacy Sam’s Legacy $11,742.13
Members of Sam’s Legacy
103rd Christine Arens Christine Arens $2,903.11
124th Joshua Arens Joshua Arens $2,695.51
579th Dean Morison Dean Morison $1,313.14
735th Lachlan Gillies Lachlan Gillies $1,163.33
944th Ethan Clark Ethan Clark $1,012.59
1641st Rebecca Cornish Rebecca Cornish $666.01
1722nd Viv Jaaback Viv Jaaback $636.98
N/A Salma Cook Salma Cook $324.81
3317th Justine Taylor Justine Taylor $227.70
3423rd Julie Skinner Julie Skinner $206.91
3472nd Alicia Reed Alicia Reed $198.76
3972nd Jesse Walter Jesse Walter $113.85
N/A Sue Walter Sue Walter $0
262nd Nightshifters Nightshifters $1,253.71
Members of Nightshifters
887th Glenn McIntosh Glenn McIntosh $1,048.52
3427th Roger McIntosh Roger McIntosh $205.19
N/A Stefan Aichholzer Stefan Aichholzer $0
667th SI SI $108.26
Members of SI
4015th Dave Wade Dave Wade $108.26
N/A Matt Cribbes Matt Cribbes $0
263rd Ride Forrest Ride Ride Forrest Ride $1,250.49
Members of Ride Forrest Ride
636th Darren Symons Darren Symons $1,250.49
N/A Adrian McMahon Adrian McMahon $0
612th Bay Bikers Bay Bikers $222.69
Members of Bay Bikers
3529th Antonius Aaldering Antonius Aaldering $187.69
4875th Catharine Richards Catharine Richards $35
N/A Wayne Gibbons Wayne Gibbons $0
33rd Old Codgers Old Codgers $7,373.81
Members of Old Codgers
54th Jacen Carpenter Jacen Carpenter $3,484.49
309th David Rimmer David Rimmer $1,760.14
428th Marg Windsor Marg Windsor $1,519.92
Members of OzHPV NSWRR
N/A Brian Cooper Brian Cooper $0
N/A Dome Deli Dome Deli $0
196th Team Scrach Team Scrach $1,610.67
Members of Team Scrach
1493rd James Proverbs James Proverbs $726.44
3350th Scott Jansen Scott Jansen $222.53
3867th Rachel Jansen Rachel Jansen $129.38
5185th Chris Oddie Chris Oddie $20
N/A Jaime Foskett Jaime Foskett $0
311th Goblin🐸Gang Goblin🐸Gang $1,023.75
Members of Goblin🐸Gang
2107th Ryan Knight Ryan Knight $538.36
3283rd Zach Nicoll Zach Nicoll $234.72
5375th Joseph Etican Joseph Etican $10
32nd Team Funks Team Funks $7,433.78
Members of Team Funks
162nd Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $2,503.87
285th Lyndell Andrews Lyndell Andrews $1,816.53
739th Campbell Andrews Campbell Andrews $1,160.66
847th Tracey Montesin Tracey Montesin $1,079.45
3509th Allison Edwards Allison Edwards $191.01
11th National Library BAG National Library BAG $12,787.34
Members of National Library BAG
13th Gemma Kate Bush Gemma Kate Bush $7,179.68
74th Peter Collins Peter Collins $3,144.97
1997th Jenny Stephens Jenny Stephens $563.82
N/A Beth Mansfield Beth Mansfield $555.24
2584th Leigh Aveyard Leigh Aveyard $415.62
2823rd Nicolette Suttor Nicolette Suttor $339.05
3798th Jane Sexton Jane Sexton $140.06
109th Titos and Titas Titos and Titas $2,641.96
Members of Titos and Titas
829th Josie Bautista Josie Bautista $1,091.70
N/A Flo&Cata Magcalas Flo&Cata Magcalas $576.31
2799th Allen Tuazon Allen Tuazon $345.42
3532nd Joye Tuazon Joye Tuazon $187.16
3580th Jose Munoz Jose Munoz $179.90
4001st Che Jamisal Che Jamisal $108.68
3235th Vanessa Yacat Vanessa Yacat $97.10
N/A Emmanuel Tongzon Emmanuel Tongzon $0
N/A MariaLourdes Serranilla-Lauguico Rayos MariaLourdes Serranilla-Lauguico Rayos $0
N/A Patrick Elyson Balgos Patrick Elyson Balgos $0
566th Omada Rail Systems Omada Rail Systems $298.51
Members of Omada Rail Systems
2999th Rob Kerry Rob Kerry $298.51
N/A James Lewis James Lewis $0
145th Cyco Pedalers Cyco Pedalers $2,060.63
Members of Cyco Pedalers
2155th Logan King Logan King $527.29
1154th Christine pyke Christine pyke $507.43
2499th Bailee Oliffe Bailee Oliffe $503.49
2271st Melissa Oliffe Melissa Oliffe $426.93
N/A Richard Haselwood Richard Haselwood $0
160th Munda Biddi and more Munda Biddi and more $1,833.27
Members of Munda Biddi and more
1144th Nicolai Bennett Nicolai Bennett $876.58
1305th James Bennett James Bennett $801.86
3708th David Elliott David Elliott $154.84