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Rank Name Raised
55th RFDS Charleville Base RFDS Charleville Base $4,508.75
Members of RFDS Charleville Base
1021st Diane Dowrick Diane Dowrick $980.21
1168th Shane Wise Shane Wise $877.11
1475th Maddie McDonald Maddie McDonald $740.07
2375th Sue McDonald Sue McDonald $497.46
2377th Courtney Jane Courtney Jane $496.85
2758th Jo Mahony Jo Mahony $368.09
3434th Scott Bentley Scott Bentley $210.62
3914th Nick Wayne Nick Wayne $124.20
237th Rolling Coasters Rolling Coasters $1,329.46
Members of Rolling Coasters
2488th Matt Robertson Matt Robertson $460.35
3448th Petrina Medlock Petrina Medlock $207.65
3742nd Roslyn Millett Roslyn Millett $153.63
3747th Michael Medlock Michael Medlock $152.95
4055th Sean Millett Sean Millett $105.87
4055th Simon Millett Simon Millett $105.87
4644th Annabelle Hirst Annabelle Hirst $50
N/A Henry Hirst Henry Hirst $0
417th Team B Team B $688.05
Members of Team B
5145th kat mclennan kat mclennan $20.70
N/A Christina Harmsen Christina Harmsen $0
N/A Stephen Hall Stephen Hall $0
253rd Centaurs Centaurs $1,296.54
Members of Centaurs
757th Manoj De Mel Manoj De Mel $1,160.81
3845th Nehara De Mel Nehara De Mel $135.73
294th HAPPY NEW YU :) HAPPY NEW YU :) $1,125.92
Members of HAPPY NEW YU :)
4068th HERLENE YU HERLENE YU $103.50
N/A Hillary Yu Hillary Yu $0
227th The family The family $1,399.04
Members of The family
1471st Colette Dunne Colette Dunne $741.16
1883rd Lina Conti Lina Conti $600.95
N/A Andrew Muratore Andrew Muratore $0
N/A Danelle Conti Danelle Conti $0
32nd Shari’s Legacy Shari’s Legacy $7,482.24
Members of Shari’s Legacy
407th Jacob Rose Jacob Rose $1,567.78
N/A Olivia Rose Olivia Rose $1,352.85
607th Bobbie Thompson Bobbie Thompson $1,291.91
710th Jarrod Elliott Jarrod Elliott $1,203.87
N/A Zoe Cook Zoe Cook $541.20
N/A Bridget Smith Bridget Smith $469.61
2678th Andrew Giacobetti Andrew Giacobetti $395.65
N/A Lexi Cole Lexi Cole $217.46
3557th Kevin Wilson Kevin Wilson $186.31
4273rd Darren Yates Darren Yates $86.23
4784th Kylie Yates Kylie Yates $40
141st Peeking Duck Peeking Duck $2,184.70
Members of Peeking Duck
650th Kellie Duckworth Kellie Duckworth $1,255.61
1140th Paul King Paul King $892.87
167th Two Wheel Warriors Two Wheel Warriors $1,790.99
Members of Two Wheel Warriors
303rd Robert Amos Robert Amos $1,790.99
151st Curra Girls Curra Girls $2,012.54
Members of Curra Girls
693rd Naomi McDonald Naomi McDonald $1,218.22
2315th Meg Greenland Meg Greenland $503.80
3061st Ady Paton Ady Paton $290.52
N/A Beth Kelly Beth Kelly $0
73rd An Aussie and a Thai An Aussie and a Thai $3,503.36
Members of An Aussie and a Thai
146th John Wood John Wood $2,619.39
1160th Phakwipa Wood Phakwipa Wood $883.97
210th ASG Canberra ASG Canberra $1,540.04
Members of ASG Canberra
844th Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland $1,093.15
3055th Richard Marks Richard Marks $291.64
552nd Sunday Rides Sunday Rides $327.70
Members of Sunday Rides
1231st Felicity Mayne Felicity Mayne $126.75
3914th Richard Teirney Richard Teirney $124.20
4567th Lauren Teirney Lauren Teirney $51.75
317th Smyth of Life Smyth of Life $1,019.53
Members of Smyth of Life
2946th Amy Smyth Amy Smyth $282.75
3598th Andrew Smyth Andrew Smyth $180.71
3729th Millie Smyth Millie Smyth $154.84
3744th Pippa Smyth Pippa Smyth $153.26
111th Team Keast Team Keast $2,662.52
Members of Team Keast
507th Grahame Keast Grahame Keast $1,416.29
957th Debra McLaughlin Debra McLaughlin $1,018.53
235th The Pearce's The Pearce's $1,344.92
Members of The Pearce's
2128th Aaron Pearce Aaron Pearce $541.71
5211th desirae p desirae p $20
N/A Ava P Ava P $0
N/A Kyra Pearce Kyra Pearce $0
N/A Noah Pearce Noah Pearce $0
102nd DR1V DR1V $2,755.68
Members of DR1V
1044th Gareth Jones Gareth Jones $956.52
1077th Darren Bender Darren Bender $939.42
1278th Duncan Toombs Duncan Toombs $823.51
91st I Lycra Your Wheels I Lycra Your Wheels $3,002.51
Members of I Lycra Your Wheels
1201st Yuli Sim Yuli Sim $856.87
1571st Farai Musuka Farai Musuka $702.91
N/A Kassandra Baldi Kassandra Baldi $593.61
3111th Kasey Duurland Kasey Duurland $275.07
3227th Alexandra Schemeczko Alexandra Schemeczko $252.41
3240th Mark Lucas Mark Lucas $250.95
4644th Phil Smith Phil Smith $50
N/A Siobhan Neller Siobhan Neller $0
120th Fitness fam Fitness fam $2,499.71
Members of Fitness fam
670th Graham Gailer Graham Gailer $1,235.41
N/A Brenda Morgan Brenda Morgan $682.81
N/A Debbie Hughes Debbie Hughes $159.59
N/A Zara Rogers Zara Rogers $119.79
N/A Nicole Rogers Nicole Rogers $116.66
145th Bowboys Bowboys $2,139.80
Members of Bowboys
950th Dale Bowman Dale Bowman $1,023.41
979th Darren Bowman Darren Bowman $1,007.71