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Rank Name Raised
273rd Flat Chat Flat Chat $1,193.96
Members of Flat Chat
780th Rohan Foy Rohan Foy $1,121.51
N/A Luke Miller Luke Miller $0
N/A Ryan Marangon Ryan Marangon $0
605th Waubra tex Waubra tex $224.64
Members of Waubra tex
3503rd Brendan Driscoll Brendan Driscoll $188.41
4811th Shane Harrison Shane Harrison $36.23
N/A andrew cornish andrew cornish $0
N/A Chris Kennedy Chris Kennedy $0
120th Fitness fam Fitness fam $2,432.44
Members of Fitness fam
672nd Graham Gailer Graham Gailer $1,214.71
N/A Brenda Morgan Brenda Morgan $656.93
N/A Debbie Hughes Debbie Hughes $138.89
N/A Zara Rogers Zara Rogers $119.79
N/A Nicole Rogers Nicole Rogers $116.66
N/A iiq iiq $0
Members of iiq
N/A Xizhu Hou Xizhu Hou $0
211th ACU-Banyo ACU-Banyo $1,482.64
Members of ACU-Banyo
1356th Daniel Chalkley Daniel Chalkley $768.65
1502nd Daniel van den Hoek Daniel van den Hoek $714.00
72nd An Aussie and a Thai An Aussie and a Thai $3,399.86
Members of An Aussie and a Thai
153rd John Wood John Wood $2,515.89
1127th Phakwipa Wood Phakwipa Wood $883.97
455th Team Kruger Team Kruger $563.37
Members of Team Kruger
4092nd Heleen Kruger Heleen Kruger $100
5057th Reuben Kruger Reuben Kruger $28.66
N/A Stefan Kruger Stefan Kruger $0
N/A Werner Kruger Werner Kruger $0
N/A Flack Flack $0
Members of Flack
N/A Elizabeth Flack Elizabeth Flack $0
N/A James Flack James Flack $0
542nd Sunday Rides Sunday Rides $327.70
Members of Sunday Rides
1231st Felicity Mayne Felicity Mayne $126.75
3877th Richard Teirney Richard Teirney $124.20
4535th Lauren Teirney Lauren Teirney $51.75
373rd MR Wealth MR Wealth $766.94
Members of MR Wealth
1364th Max Reinhardt Max Reinhardt $766.94
390th Opteon Opteon $706.40
Members of Opteon
1608th Richard Ong Richard Ong $671.40
4859th Franco Fortis Franco Fortis $35
281st Marymede Movers Marymede Movers $1,133.53
Members of Marymede Movers
1199th Lindsay Cooper Lindsay Cooper $841.71
3504th richard cosway richard cosway $188.33
77th Islamic College of Brisbane Islamic College of Brisbane $3,324.54
Members of Islamic College of Brisbane
435th Joanne Weise Joanne Weise $1,500.00
782nd Chris Daykin Chris Daykin $1,119.74
2260th Les Wilson Les Wilson $503.05
3433rd Abdur-rahman Seedat Abdur-rahman Seedat $201.75
104th DR1V DR1V $2,652.18
Members of DR1V
1012th Gareth Jones Gareth Jones $956.52
1210th Darren Bender Darren Bender $835.92
1239th Duncan Toombs Duncan Toombs $823.51
203rd ASG Canberra ASG Canberra $1,540.04
Members of ASG Canberra
818th Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland $1,093.15
3006th Richard Marks Richard Marks $291.64
83rd Feels Like Summer Feels Like Summer $3,245.11
Members of Feels Like Summer
182nd Ricky Foulstone Ricky Foulstone $2,307.19
1049th Horace Josh Horace Josh $937.92
105th The Different Spokes The Different Spokes $2,647.39
Members of The Different Spokes
1006th Michael Burns Michael Burns $964.06
1357th MaryLou Canning MaryLou Canning $768.53
1962nd David Plews David Plews $566.52
4535th Matthew Canning Matthew Canning $51.75
304th QueeNZlanders QueeNZlanders $1,023.43
Members of QueeNZlanders
1996th hayley gorton hayley gorton $558.12
3014th Sandy Gorton Sandy Gorton $289.36
3784th Graham Hartshorne Graham Hartshorne $139.73
251st Cerulean City Bike Shop Cerulean City Bike Shop $1,269.24
Members of Cerulean City Bike Shop
1344th Jayden Stratton Jayden Stratton $774.55
2318th Haydn Robb Haydn Robb $494.69
600th SportsCare and Physiotherapy SportsCare and Physiotherapy $232.05
Members of SportsCare and Physiotherapy
3856th Kate Da Silva Kate Da Silva $128.55
4035th Ella Borgeaud Ella Borgeaud $103.50
N/A Graeme Sproule Graeme Sproule $0
N/A Vanessa Gaynor Vanessa Gaynor $0