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Rank Name Raised
179th Team R2S Team R2S $41
Members of Team R2S
1142nd Lorenzo Del Mann Lorenzo Del Mann $31
1261st Arthur Del Mann Arthur Del Mann $10
Members of APOQLD
926th Noel Arc Parreno Noel Arc Parreno $36
182nd Assisting Your Life to Achieve AYLA Inc. Assisting Your Life to Achieve AYLA Inc. $36
Members of Assisting Your Life to Achieve AYLA Inc.
926th David Metliss David Metliss $36
Members of DONEIL
926th Summer Day Summer Day $36
182nd Larko Family Larko Family $36
Members of Larko Family
N/A Natalie Reynolds Natalie Reynolds $0
N/A Travis Larkins Travis Larkins $0
182nd Maitland Triathlon Club Maitland Triathlon Club $36
Members of Maitland Triathlon Club
926th Gareth Wilcox Gareth Wilcox $36
182nd Point Cook Crownies IDO RIDE Point Cook Crownies IDO RIDE $36
Members of Point Cook Crownies IDO RIDE
926th Andrew Cathery Andrew Cathery $36
182nd Willis Warriors Willis Warriors $36
Members of Willis Warriors
926th Oliver Willis Oliver Willis $36
N/A Beverley Chard Beverley Chard $0
N/A Caleb Willis Caleb Willis $0
N/A Jorja Willis Jorja Willis $0
189th Aunticorn 2020 Aunticorn 2020 $36
Members of Aunticorn 2020
951st Roxy Davies Roxy Davies $36
N/A Cheryl Wadley Cheryl Wadley $0
N/A Jason Wadley Jason Wadley $0
189th Baxter Baxter $36
Members of Baxter
951st Marina Harcot Marina Harcot $36
189th Craike Family Craike Family $36
Members of Craike Family
951st James Craike James Craike $36
189th EWP EWP $36
Members of EWP
951st Clinton Richards Clinton Richards $36
189th Frankl fabulous Frankl fabulous $36
Members of Frankl fabulous
951st Lisa Frankl Lisa Frankl $36
189th Friends 4EVER Friends 4EVER $36
Members of Friends 4EVER
951st Arvinder Sunny Arvinder Sunny $36
189th Hallett Hallett $36
Members of Hallett
N/A Yve Robinson Yve Robinson $0
189th Iso Battlers Iso Battlers $36
Members of Iso Battlers
951st Troy Kingham Troy Kingham $36
N/A Andrew D’Amico Andrew D’Amico $0
189th Latinos cycling Latinos cycling $36
Members of Latinos cycling
951st Carlos Serrano Carlos Serrano $36
189th Racey Racey $36
Members of Racey
951st Rachel Middleton Rachel Middleton $36
189th Tassie Trail Riders Tassie Trail Riders $36
Members of Tassie Trail Riders
951st Will Hansen Will Hansen $36
189th Team: BZKD Team: BZKD $36
Members of Team: BZKD
951st Sandra Piercy Sandra Piercy $36