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Rank Name Raised
182nd Tugas for a cause Tugas for a cause $2,025.39
Members of Tugas for a cause
620th Cristina Lisboa Cristina Lisboa $1,477.52
3064th Alexandra Dos Santos Alexandra Dos Santos $358.17
4723rd Joao Martins Joao Martins $55.16
183rd Two Wheel Warriors Two Wheel Warriors $2,005.32
Members of Two Wheel Warriors
359th Robert Amos Robert Amos $2,005.32
184th Crusty Kritters Crusty Kritters $1,989.03
Members of Crusty Kritters
1109th Vicki Harper Vicki Harper $1,065.49
1410th Debbie Weir Debbie Weir $886.05
185th Zero Latency Zero Latency $1,981.00
Members of Zero Latency
1048th Sam McCusker Sam McCusker $1,095.91
3369th Joe Crupi Joe Crupi $274.28
3456th Nathan Thomas Nathan Thomas $253.74
N/A James Van Soest James Van Soest $0
186th CCCM CCCM $1,956.99
Members of CCCM
375th Jason Drury Jason Drury $1,956.99
187th Sisters on Wheels Sisters on Wheels $1,941.17
Members of Sisters on Wheels
N/A Shani Galleghan Shani Galleghan $1,086.70
N/A Barbara Murrell Barbara Murrell $854.48
188th Sarah & Erin Sarah & Erin $1,920.64
Members of Sarah & Erin
725th Sarah Barnes Sarah Barnes $1,352.70
2299th Erin Pritchard Erin Pritchard $567.94
502nd Anselmo Matsui Anselmo Matsui $1,653.16
3414th Andrew Duffin Andrew Duffin $265
190th YMCA Anglesea YMCA Anglesea $1,910.52
Members of YMCA Anglesea
1091st Hannah Lacy Hannah Lacy $1,074.84
2546th Danielle Bain Danielle Bain $519.78
3736th Kate Stanley Kate Stanley $196.88
4124th Kirsty Looker Kirsty Looker $119.03
N/A Florentine Buss Florentine Buss $0
191st Liam Cooper Potts Legacy - Super Heroes & Angel Wings Liam Cooper Potts Legacy - Super Heroes & Angel Wings $1,908.86
Members of Liam Cooper Potts Legacy - Super Heroes & Angel Wings
910th Ian Cambourn Ian Cambourn $1,185.67
2608th Narelle Cambourn Narelle Cambourn $509.04
3895th Melanie Cambourn Melanie Cambourn $162.40
N/A Chantelle Osborne Chantelle Osborne $0
192nd Awesome FourSome Awesome FourSome $1,902.51
Members of Awesome FourSome
886th Antoinette Cole Antoinette Cole $1,203.33
3415th Makayla Norman Makayla Norman $264.21
3665th Colby Stickland Colby Stickland $210.60
3693rd Bradley Norman Bradley Norman $203.68
193rd Desert Peddlers Desert Peddlers $1,876.45
Members of Desert Peddlers
876th Charmaine Kearns Charmaine Kearns $1,207.55
2149th Rory Kearns Rory Kearns $608.02
4677th David Busuttil David Busuttil $60.88
194th Sheilas on Wheelas Sheilas on Wheelas $1,849.22
Members of Sheilas on Wheelas
1293rd Annalisa Smythe Annalisa Smythe $964.94
3074th Silvia Piviali Silvia Piviali $355.01
N/A Kelly Higham Kelly Higham $0
195th Tortoise and the Hare Tortoise and the Hare $1,862.44
Members of Tortoise and the Hare
1051st Nathan Hodges Nathan Hodges $1,095.17
1885th Chris Holmes Chris Holmes $683.11
196th FightingFit FightingFit $1,848.36
Members of FightingFit
N/A Sean McDonald Sean McDonald $1,124.16
N/A Jason Pontt Jason Pontt $375.80
N/A Mikaela Pontt Mikaela Pontt $250.08
N/A Tori Stewart Tori Stewart $0
197th Dynamic Duo Dynamic Duo $1,837.56
Members of Dynamic Duo
835th Alison Davies Alison Davies $1,241.07
2614th Darrin Wilson Darrin Wilson $508.52
198th The Bowers Bunch The Bowers Bunch $1,835.80
Members of The Bowers Bunch
811th Mike Bowers Mike Bowers $1,259.15
2667th Michael Farrell Michael Farrell $504.20
199th # Bloody Big Family # Bloody Big Family $1,835.65
Members of # Bloody Big Family
523rd John Raciti John Raciti $1,618.29
3631st Sandy Parkinson Sandy Parkinson $217.36
200th The Macs The Macs $1,834.89
Members of The Macs
1058th Pam Macleod Pam Macleod $1,092.70
2001st Kim Berg Kim Berg $649.04
201st Munda Biddi and more Munda Biddi and more $1,833.27
Members of Munda Biddi and more
1426th Nicolai Bennett Nicolai Bennett $876.58
1593rd James Bennett James Bennett $801.86
3939th David Elliott David Elliott $154.84