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Rank Name Raised
242nd Millton Millton $1,303.63
Members of Millton
962nd Heidi Millton-Young Heidi Millton-Young $1,004.69
3605th Daniel Millton Daniel Millton $174.74
243rd Let's Do This! Let's Do This! $1,302.48
Members of Let's Do This!
1131st Jessica Cox Jessica Cox $886.92
2586th Velleda Bradford Velleda Bradford $415.56
244th Team Smitney Team Smitney $1,301.39
Members of Team Smitney
1078th Karen Petney Karen Petney $917.63
N/A Grant Smith Grant Smith $0
245th Carpe Diem Carpe Diem $1,300.68
Members of Carpe Diem
2243rd Stuart Seymour Stuart Seymour $509.04
2978th Lesley Seymour Lesley Seymour $302.76
3164th Jan Barnes Jan Barnes $257.53
3300th Wendy Allan Wendy Allan $231.36
246th Centaurs Centaurs $1,296.54
Members of Centaurs
738th Manoj De Mel Manoj De Mel $1,160.81
3827th Nehara De Mel Nehara De Mel $135.73
247th Team Eddie Team Eddie $1,289.52
Members of Team Eddie
2424th Cassidy Eddie Cassidy Eddie $470.00
2449th Mikayla Eddie Mikayla Eddie $460.44
248th 4810 4810 $1,288.31
Members of 4810
1441st Katy Joy Katy Joy $744.95
2085th Sienna F Sienna F $543.36
249th VRT / Dynapumps VRT / Dynapumps $1,288.31
Members of VRT / Dynapumps
2019th Nick Favazzo Nick Favazzo $559.38
2604th Tim Simmons Tim Simmons $410.50
2903rd Ben Stronach Ben Stronach $318.43
250th Team PKR Team PKR $1,283.86
Members of Team PKR
1833rd Peter Readett Peter Readett $607.92
2691st Kerry Readett Kerry Readett $381.32
251st sustainable building concepts sustainable building concepts $1,282.58
Members of sustainable building concepts
1712th rob lock rob lock $641.31
2073rd Megan Herd Megan Herd $545.77
4149th elias sido elias sido $95.50
252nd 1st Canley Heights Scout Group 1st Canley Heights Scout Group $1,274.40
Members of 1st Canley Heights Scout Group
729th Quoc Cuong Luu Quoc Cuong Luu $1,170.90
253rd JAKS JAKS $1,273.69
Members of JAKS
615th John Krause John Krause $1,273.69
254th Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019 Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019 $1,270.50
Members of Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019
1620th Graeme Sanders Graeme Sanders $672.83
1971st Rach Sanders Rach Sanders $571.80
255th Cerulean City Bike Shop Cerulean City Bike Shop $1,269.24
Members of Cerulean City Bike Shop
1358th Jayden Stratton Jayden Stratton $774.55
2350th Haydn Robb Haydn Robb $494.69
256th Rylea's Riders Rylea's Riders $1,269.01
Members of Rylea's Riders
849th Jacinta Johnson Jacinta Johnson $1,077.53
3498th Denise Sutherland Denise Sutherland $191.48
257th Minto heights RFB Minto heights RFB $1,267.81
Members of Minto heights RFB
2746th Scott Brennan Scott Brennan $360.99
2754th Jordan Wawrzyniak Jordan Wawrzyniak $359.43
4644th Megan Fishbourne Megan Fishbourne $323.20
4110th Mathew James Mathew James $100
N/A Dirk Streefkerk Dirk Streefkerk $0
258th Macs cycle Macs cycle $1,266.36
Members of Macs cycle
2122nd Karen McDavitt Karen McDavitt $534.92
2428th Campbell Mcdavitt Campbell Mcdavitt $467.98
259th Cycle Buddies Cycle Buddies $1,265.58
Members of Cycle Buddies
1782nd Joseph Maksour Joseph Maksour $619.78
1885th Chris Ross Chris Ross $594.06
N/A Rod Ghanem Rod Ghanem $0
260th Circus Bear Circus Bear $1,263.04
Members of Circus Bear
1851st Manuel Maddalozzo Manuel Maddalozzo $603.08
261st H8CNCR H8CNCR $1,260.92
Members of H8CNCR
799th Melanie Josephs Melanie Josephs $1,113.49
4310th Paul Lees Paul Lees $74.99
4330th Lees Ki Jac Lees Ki Jac $72.45