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Rank Name Raised
21st Spin Brothers Spin Brothers $1,982.47
Members of Spin Brothers
N/A Matt McQuillan Matt McQuillan $541.63
429th Tony Lumtin Tony Lumtin $508.51
450th Shaun Davison Shaun Davison $502.82
542nd Dean Glover Dean Glover $408.83
N/A Mathew Smith Mathew Smith $0
22nd Butt Kickers Butt Kickers $1,921.17
Members of Butt Kickers
37th Ann Hope Ann Hope $1,414.01
432nd Deb Wilson Deb Wilson $507.16
23rd Team Crowther Team Crowther $1,895.72
Members of Team Crowther
183rd Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $771.08
339th Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $570.17
396th Jack Crowther Jack Crowther $523.42
24th Lobster 🦞 Legs Lobster 🦞 Legs $1,811.72
Members of Lobster 🦞 Legs
23rd Tanja Kubitza Tanja Kubitza $1,759.97
2215th Ahmad and Abidin Moeladawilah Ahmad and Abidin Moeladawilah $51.75
N/A Ammar Ulhaq Ammar Ulhaq $0
N/A Amnah Arain Amnah Arain $0
N/A Christina Penitito Christina Penitito $0
N/A Hooda Mohammed Emin Hooda Mohammed Emin $0
N/A Mohamad Otman Mohamad Otman $0
N/A Zayd Azad Zayd Azad $0
25th An Aussie and a Thai An Aussie and a Thai $1,778.03
Members of An Aussie and a Thai
38th John Wood John Wood $1,406.83
594th Phakwipa Wood Phakwipa Wood $371.20
26th mastercard mastercard $1,746.53
Members of mastercard
229th Maurice Abd Maurice Abd $698.33
277th Alison Powers Alison Powers $628.30
1730th Michael Guanzon Michael Guanzon $100
1937th Caroline Hill Caroline Hill $72.45
1937th paul mcmahon paul mcmahon $72.45
2022nd sean chang sean chang $70
2022nd Warren Scott Warren Scott $70
2630th Weimin Yang Weimin Yang $35
N/A Arun Ramachandra Arun Ramachandra $0
N/A Claudia Naidoo Claudia Naidoo $0
N/A Darwin Cool Darwin Cool $0
N/A Demosthenes Mateo Jr Demosthenes Mateo Jr $0
N/A Drew Watson Drew Watson $0
N/A Ean Dungey Ean Dungey $0
N/A Edward Cobol Edward Cobol $0
N/A Matt Jenkins Matt Jenkins $0
27th Stockinbingal Cycle Club Stockinbingal Cycle Club $1,743.35
Members of Stockinbingal Cycle Club
489th Wendy Millynn Wendy Millynn $467.64
695th Rhonda Douglas Rhonda Douglas $317.35
717th Maree Archer Maree Archer $310.51
771st Ben Phillips Ben Phillips $283.41
1341st Lexie Phillips Lexie Phillips $144.90
1986th Stuart Fletcher Stuart Fletcher $107.45
2017th carmel payne carmel payne $70.70
2986th Graeme Halbisch Graeme Halbisch $20.70
2986th Isaac Pratt Isaac Pratt $20.70
28th The Different Spokes The Different Spokes $1,731.63
Members of The Different Spokes
316th Michael Burns Michael Burns $591.92
356th MaryLou Canning MaryLou Canning $558.42
568th David Plews David Plews $389.81
29th Presidential Spin Presidential Spin $1,700.20
Members of Presidential Spin
107th Matt Simper Matt Simper $1,042.31
257th Adam Renouf Adam Renouf $657.88
30th Cycling Dads Australia - CDOZ Cycling Dads Australia - CDOZ $1,686.83
Members of Cycling Dads Australia - CDOZ
51st Mark Jansen Mark Jansen $1,314.30
993rd Charles Keesman Charles Keesman $222.53
1362nd Mark Jones Mark Jones $140
3329th Artur Rzasa Artur Rzasa $10
N/A Andrew Scott Andrew Scott $0
N/A Ben Stewart Ben Stewart $0
N/A Kristian Andrejewskis Kristian Andrejewskis $0
31st Phoenix International Australia Phoenix International Australia $1,661.58
Members of Phoenix International Australia
519th Melanie McVicar Melanie McVicar $434.71
591st Glyn Overal Glyn Overal $372.61
942nd Greg Standish Greg Standish $232.88
1079th Nick Van Horn Nick Van Horn $198.41
1711th Marlene Anderson Marlene Anderson $101.75
1730th Julie Mullins Julie Mullins $100
2323rd Michael Robinson Michael Robinson $50
2630th Jon Gething Jon Gething $35
32nd Team CDU Team CDU $1,493.95
Members of Team CDU
40th Doug Austin Doug Austin $1,385.27
1937th Sue Tucker Sue Tucker $72.45
2949th Zachary Watt Zachary Watt $25.88
N/A Bernadette Royal Bernadette Royal $0
33rd Murray River Crew Murray River Crew $1,480.88
Members of Murray River Crew
53rd Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson $1,303.25
1164th Anne-Maree McLeod Anne-Maree McLeod $177.63
34th Scentre Spinners Scentre Spinners $1,411.00
Members of Scentre Spinners
271st Todd Oliver Todd Oliver $639.92
1049th Joshua Kisgyano Joshua Kisgyano $207
1447th David Bailetti David Bailetti $124.20
1447th Diego Eguiguren Diego Eguiguren $124.20
1546th Ryan Smith Ryan Smith $119.03
1937th reza bella reza bella $72.45
2215th vincent cox vincent cox $51.75
35th Super Skinny Prawns Super Skinny Prawns $1,380.51
Members of Super Skinny Prawns
336th Tara Robertson Tara Robertson $574.43
421st Halle Parker Halle Parker $512.33
841st Kelly Bateup Kelly Bateup $258.76
2630th Brett Robertson Brett Robertson $35
N/A Joshua Moretti Joshua Moretti $0
N/A Louie Hunter Louie Hunter $0
36th BMX bandits BMX bandits $1,375.49
Members of BMX bandits
81st Ashley Watts Ashley Watts $1,132.26
1247th Brenton Schwarze Brenton Schwarze $160.43
37th Sunny Coasters Sunny Coasters $1,374.01
Members of Sunny Coasters
287th Jackie Miller Jackie Miller $617.49
804th Adam Gates Adam Gates $269.10
898th Katie Miller Katie Miller $244.20
1106th Rob Rosengreen Rob Rosengreen $191.48
N/A Andy Cowley Andy Cowley $0
N/A Glenn Morris Glenn Morris $0
N/A Marc Miller Marc Miller $0
38th The Big Rigs The Big Rigs $1,367.42
Members of The Big Rigs
N/A Ben Lesslie Ben Lesslie $1,201.82
1423rd Dylan Lyons Dylan Lyons $129.38
39th Mornington Cycles Mornington Cycles $1,285.89
Members of Mornington Cycles
228th Shelley Miles Shelley Miles $698.91
878th Greg Dalton Greg Dalton $250.60
1171st Deb Hicks Deb Hicks $175.96
1655th Cheryl Coombs Cheryl Coombs $103.50
2565th Kerrie Maliszewski Kerrie Maliszewski $36.23
2986th Kath Connelly Kath Connelly $20.70
N/A Ala' Yasin Ala' Yasin $0
N/A Felix Davis Felix Davis $0
N/A Jane Spruce Jane Spruce $0
N/A Janine Wade Janine Wade $0
N/A Kylie McDuff Kylie McDuff $0
N/A Maria Tilders Maria Tilders $0
N/A Marianne Gray Marianne Gray $0
N/A Marnie Simpson Marnie Simpson $0
N/A Michelle Tindale Michelle Tindale $0
N/A Nichole Scaunich Nichole Scaunich $0
N/A Richard Stubbins Richard Stubbins $0
N/A Shelley Miles Shelley Miles $0
N/A Vindya Sandamali Vindya Sandamali $0
40th 1st Canley Heights Scout Group 1st Canley Heights Scout Group $1,274.40
Members of 1st Canley Heights Scout Group
73rd Quoc Cuong Luu Quoc Cuong Luu $1,170.90