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1. General challenge questions

Still have a question about the challenge? You'll find the answers to our most commonly asked questions here:

Anywhere, so long as you are doing so legally and safely! It doesn't matter whether you are riding on road, off road, in the gym, overseas or across provinces, all of the kilometres you clock during October count towards your challenge. The only limitation is that all riding must be done in compliance with all laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which you are riding.

That's ok! It doesn't matter where you ride this October. Whether it's the winding French countryside, Swiss Alps or New Zealand's remarkables, it can all count toward your Great Cycle Challenge goal. Just use either the event app, Strava, MapMyFitness or another GPS-enabled device to record your ride and upload it to the ride account.

The peloton club recognises a very special group of people: those individuals who have raised at least $1,000 to fight kids' cancer.

All you have to do to join this exclusive club is raise a minimum of $1,000 and you will automatically join this group of very special people.

All of them ridden in October! It doesn't matter whether you're riding a road bike, mountain bike or a unicycle - any kilometres clocked in October on a pedal-powered bike can count towards your goal to fight kids' cancer.

Absolutely! While Great Cycle Challenge is geared toward riding outdoors on moving bikes so kilometres can be tracked by GPS, the platform does allow for the manual addition of rides too. So long as you can accurately calculate the distance ridden on a stationary bike or wind trainer then we are happy to accept these kilometres towards your personal goal.

The Spin Bike Challenge is for participants who complete the entire event on a spin or exercise bike.

Find out more about the Spin Bike Challenge.

You can start clocking up kilometres towards your goal from October 1 through to October 31, but you can ask your friends, family and colleagues to support your challenge by making a donation at any time. Any rides recorded before October 1 will be removed from your profile at the start of the challenge.

There are four main ways to add kilometres to your individual Great Cycle Challenge page:

  1. Great Cycle Challenge mobile app: when you record a ride using the Great Cycle Challenge mobile application (built for Android and iOS operating systems), it will automatically sync with your profile page. All the different rides you've completed will be added to your profile.
  2. Strava/MapMyFitness (including MapMyRide/MapMyRun): you can connect your Strava or MapMyFitness account to the Great Cycle Challenge platform and each ride you complete will be brought across to our platform within an hour of it being saved.
  3. Upload a GPS file (Garmin etc.): for participants using a GPS-enabled device like a Garmin to track their rides, login to your Great Cycle Challenge profile and from there you can upload each ride file on the 'add manual rides' page to grow your tally.
  4. Add spin bike/exercise bike/manual rides: those who are just using a standard cyclometer - which doesn't record the GPS points - or an exercise bike to complete their challenge can add the distance manually on the 'add manual rides' page of your dashboard or through the 'manual entry' option on the mobile app. 

Participants taking part in the Spin Bike Challenge will need to use option #3 above.

You can prevent rides from appearing on your page by switching the 'show maps' option on the mobile app to 'off' at the time of saving.

If you want to remove a map after it is published, simply go to your ride activity page and select 'hide map' next to each map.

2. Challenge jersey questions

Quickly find the answer to your jersey-related question by clicking on the relevant heading below.

It's easy. Simply register for the Great Cycle Challenge now and ask your friends, family and colleagues to make a donation to support your challenge.

The first 2,500 individual riders to raise $500 will receive a Great Cycle Challenge jersey for free. Be quick though, as we have limited quantities of each size available.

No, jerseys are distributed to individuals based on their individual fundraising achievement - not at a team level. This is to ensure we are fair to all participants and give everyone the same chance of securing a Great Cycle Challenge jersey to wear in the build-up and throughout the month.

Once you have raised the required $500 to receive a jersey, an email will be sent to you with a link to the jersey ordering system. Here, you will find a sizing chart and specific measurements for each jersey size - so you can compare your own measurements and select the right size for you. 

Jerseys for the event are not available for purchase. However, you can secure one by being amongst the first 2,500 participants to raise over $500.

3. Mobile application questions

Find out more about the Great Cycle Challenge app, plus our Strava and MapMyFitness/Ride/Run integrations below.

While the mobile application will work overseas, please be mindful of your individual situation with reference to data charges. If you are using a mobile phone with an Canadian carrier and international roaming enabled, data charges will be very expensive and while the app only uses data for login and uploading rides, we suggest avoiding this scenario. If you are using a phone registered to a carrier in the region you are taking part in, data costs may be more reasonable, but we advise you consult your provider and make a decision based on your personal circumstances.

Don't worry though, even if you can't use the app, it's simple enough to use a cyclometer (for as little as $5 from your local sporting goods store) and add your rides to the platform manually.

The app can be downloaded from your ride account, or by visiting this page, before the riding starts in October. 

No, the app is there for those who don't already have a GPS-enabled device (like a Garmin). For those who already have a device, you can upload the raw files in .tcx, .fit or .gpx format into your Great Cycle Challenge account.

The Great Cycle Challenge mobile application will be available for both iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung etc.) devices. Unfortunately, at this point in time, there are no plans to produce a Windows Mobile version of the application.

There are two common challenges riders come across when it comes to the mobile app:

  1. GPS enabled: often when the mobile application isn't recording a distance, it's because the phone's GPS is switched off. Here's a handy guide on how to enable your phone's GPS on iPhone and on Android.

    Something worth noting - your phone can be GPS enabled, however, disabled for specific apps, so you may need to double-check that it is enabled for the Great Cycle Challenge app if you find it is already enabled for the phone itself.
  2. Interference from other apps: we recommend you only run one app at a time to calculate your distance, as running multiple apps to compare the measurements can cause the algorithms to interfere with one another. It's ok if you don't want to use the Great Cycle Challenge app because you have another that you use from day-to-day like Strava or MapMyFitness - just do a manual entry of your ride at the end or connect your account with the GCC platform. Running both can often give you two incorrect distances or sometimes no distances at all.

Simple! Log into your Great Cycle Challenge dashboard and select Connect Strava / MapMyRide from the left-hand menu.

Once on the page, simply click the button to connect with either Strava or MapMyRide and follow the steps from there.

Rides can take up to 60 minutes to sync between Strava and your Great Cycle Challenge page.

4. Donation & receipt questions

Looking for more information on paying offline donations, where your money goes or receipts?

For any cash donations that are given to you by your friends, you simply add these to your fundraising page and pay them in online via your credit card. Adding them onto your fundraising page allows you to recognise your friend / family member and ensures your offline donations are added toward your personal goal.

Once added to your page, you can pay in your cash donation via your credit card after the event (or whenever you like) – and once you do, the system will automatically send your donors a receipt. 

To add your cash donations to your fundraising page, simply login and go to ‘Cash Donations’, then add each donation to your page. Make sure you add the correct email address of the sponsor so they can get a receipt (once you pay it in).

Don't panic! A simple typo in your email address is the most common cause for this receipt from getting to you - but it's an easy fix. Simply visit the 'contact us' page and send an email requesting a copy of your receipt, including the amount you donated and to whom - along with a correct email address - and we will take care of it at the beginning of July.

Yes. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law for residents in Australia and a receipt is emailed to you immediately after you make the donation. 

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