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Rank Name Raised
1st The Croc Rockers The Croc Rockers $1,230
Members of The Croc Rockers
10th Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson $1,020
602nd Crikey Cadel Crikey Cadel $45
602nd Mark Beaconsfield Mark Beaconsfield $45
2nd Cool adventurers Cool adventurers $1,000
Members of Cool adventurers
98th Fiona van Zanten Fiona van Zanten $300
185th Barry Burns Barry Burns $170
185th Jen PARTL Jen PARTL $170
309th Tony Vlacci Tony Vlacci $105
321st Dave van Zanten Dave van Zanten $100
321st Glenn Norton Glenn Norton $100
615th Tammy Mark Tammy Mark $35
855th Ian Taylor Ian Taylor $20
N/A Amy Lusher Amy Lusher $0
3rd Tathra MTB Tathra MTB $885
Members of Tathra MTB
71st Carly Bexterman Carly Bexterman $375
107th Sam Parker Sam Parker $275
134th Stacey Miller Stacey Miller $235
N/A Sharon Clarke Sharon Clarke $0
4th Shire of Murray Cycle Team Shire of Murray Cycle Team $850
Members of Shire of Murray Cycle Team
21st Daniel Bingham Daniel Bingham $770
615th Noel Soriano Noel Soriano $35
837th Susan Allan Susan Allan $25
855th Tenneike Brown Tenneike Brown $20
N/A benjamin seery benjamin seery $0
N/A Tarryn Whale Tarryn Whale $0
5th Team Long Team Long $845
Members of Team Long
19th Leonard Long Leonard Long $775
419th Riekie Long Riekie Long $70
6th NG Cycle Group NG Cycle Group $595
Members of NG Cycle Group
31st Michelle Richards Michelle Richards $595
7th The Saturday Crew The Saturday Crew $540
Members of The Saturday Crew
47th Stephen Ramage Stephen Ramage $520
855th Ian Targett Ian Targett $20
8th The rolling waves The rolling waves $525
Members of The rolling waves
46th Sienna Clarke Sienna Clarke $525
N/A Adrian Clarke Adrian Clarke $0
N/A Karen Clarke Karen Clarke $0
N/A Michael Madigan Michael Madigan $0
9th #Ridewithit2017 #Ridewithit2017 $485
Members of #Ridewithit2017
106th Emily Ashcroft Emily Ashcroft $280
152nd Benjamin White Benjamin White $205
10th Jindokai Karate-Do Jindokai Karate-Do $445
Members of Jindokai Karate-Do
63rd Dion Risborg Dion Risborg $395
11th Wheelolicious Wheelolicious $425
Members of Wheelolicious
615th Krystal Tyter Krystal Tyter $35
615th Nicola Sharples Nicola Sharples $35
11th XLPT peddle pushers XLPT peddle pushers $425
Members of XLPT peddle pushers
N/A Taz Dunstan Taz Dunstan $425
N/A Denise Coady Denise Coady $0
13th Pedaling Pritchards Pedaling Pritchards $405
Members of Pedaling Pritchards
N/A Jarryd Pritchard Jarryd Pritchard $0
N/A Jessica Pritchard Jessica Pritchard $0
N/A Tahnee Pritchard Tahnee Pritchard $0
14th The Wheelie-Good bike squad The Wheelie-Good bike squad $385
Members of The Wheelie-Good bike squad
139th Kira Jones Kira Jones $225
249th Jayde Britton Jayde Britton $125
615th Jena Guthrie Jena Guthrie $35
N/A Arlyn Mills Arlyn Mills $0
N/A Taleah Doyle Taleah Doyle $0
15th The 4 cs The 4 cs $380
Members of The 4 cs
90th Jess Wedd Jess Wedd $320
474th Andrew Coppins Andrew Coppins $60
16th 20 Division 20 Division $375
Members of 20 Division
139th Rob Serafin Rob Serafin $225
498th Kelly Williams Kelly Williams $50
498th Lily Mcivor Lily Mcivor $50
N/A Andrew Gah-Bell Andrew Gah-Bell $0
N/A Callum Heath Callum Heath $0
N/A Coen Durbidge Coen Durbidge $0
N/A Dom Chamberlain Dom Chamberlain $0
N/A Edward Renouf Edward Renouf $0
N/A Ingrid Nowland Ingrid Nowland $0
N/A Kat Liston Kat Liston $0
N/A Nick Kindl Nick Kindl $0
N/A Sarah Griffin Sarah Griffin $0
16th The Carbon Cycle The Carbon Cycle $375
Members of The Carbon Cycle
119th Jules Ius Jules Ius $255
419th Cam Edgar Cam Edgar $70
18th Trailblazers Trailblazers $370
Members of Trailblazers
90th Connor Burns Connor Burns $320
19th YDK YDK $345
Members of YDK
127th Dan Ramscar Dan Ramscar $245
498th Yvette Ramscar Yvette Ramscar $50
498th Yvette Ramscar Yvette Ramscar $50
N/A kallum ramscar kallum ramscar $0
20th Frame benders Frame benders $340
Members of Frame benders
212th Mathew Smith Mathew Smith $150
224th Jared Mitchell Jared Mitchell $140
498th Jason Deaves Jason Deaves $50
21st The Lowes Petroleum Cyclists The Lowes Petroleum Cyclists $335
Members of The Lowes Petroleum Cyclists
155th Tarney Tanner Tarney Tanner $200
234th Amanda Stenhouse Amanda Stenhouse $135
22nd Tour de Friends Tour de Friends $315
Members of Tour de Friends
129th Jayden Frey Jayden Frey $240
413th Wendy Townsend Wendy Townsend $75
23rd Vonex Telecom Vonex Telecom $270
Members of Vonex Telecom
321st Darren Prince Darren Prince $100
321st Matthew Fahey Matthew Fahey $100
615th Angus Parker Angus Parker $35
615th Tim Groeneveld Tim Groeneveld $35
N/A Dallas Thomas Dallas Thomas $0
N/A Martin Hull Martin Hull $0
24th Ross and katina Ross and katina $260
Members of Ross and katina
220th Ross Williams Ross Williams $145
295th Katina Bayiartakis Katina Bayiartakis $115
25th Yarra House Bikie Crew Yarra House Bikie Crew $255
Members of Yarra House Bikie Crew
212th Mickayla Graham Mickayla Graham $150
615th Ashley Hodgkinson Ashley Hodgkinson $35
N/A Darcy Sheahan Darcy Sheahan $0
26th Bike Bitchez Bike Bitchez $250
Members of Bike Bitchez
122nd Terri Anne Richardson Terri Anne Richardson $250
N/A Kristy Adams Kristy Adams $0
N/A Stacey Williams Stacey Williams $0
27th Batten5 Batten5 $240
Members of Batten5
605th Suzi Batten Suzi Batten $40
N/A Amy Will Amy Will $0
N/A Charli Batten Charli Batten $0
28th Monodolls Monodolls $230
Members of Monodolls
321st Kara Te Hira Kara Te Hira $100
N/A Tara Rout Tara Rout $85
615th Ann-Marie Schell Ann-Marie Schell $35
29th Cameron Crusaders Cameron Crusaders $210
Members of Cameron Crusaders
498th Anna Cameron Anna Cameron $50
498th Darcy Cameron Darcy Cameron $50
498th Georgia Cameron Georgia Cameron $50
498th Jaydi Cameron Jaydi Cameron $50
30th B team B team $205
Members of B team
234th Brodie Jolliffe Brodie Jolliffe $135
419th Barbara Martin Barbara Martin $70
31st IF&M Cyclomaniacs IF&M Cyclomaniacs $175
Members of IF&M Cyclomaniacs
615th Alan Hale Alan Hale $35
N/A Kass Brown Kass Brown $35
615th Sheree Geci Sheree Geci $35
615th Tanya Millar Tanya Millar $35
N/A Katherine Woolard Katherine Woolard $0
32nd cycle4life Rockhampton cycle4life Rockhampton $170
Members of cycle4life Rockhampton
390th Lloyd McQuaid Lloyd McQuaid $85
498th Robert Evans Robert Evans $50
615th Byron Wouda Byron Wouda $35
N/A Nigel Wadsworth Nigel Wadsworth $0
N/A Peter Kane Peter Kane $0
N/A Steve Niebling Steve Niebling $0
33rd Death Skull Dirt Riders Death Skull Dirt Riders $155
Members of Death Skull Dirt Riders
390th Scott Brearley Scott Brearley $85
419th Andrew Carney Andrew Carney $70
34th Al Siraat Al Siraat $140
Members of Al Siraat
224th Tanya Kubitza Tanya Kubitza $140
N/A Amnah Arain Amnah Arain $0
N/A Fatema Faoual Fatema Faoual $0
N/A Misbah Aqeel Misbah Aqeel $0
34th Crazy Train Crazy Train $140
Members of Crazy Train
N/A Rhonda Malcolm Rhonda Malcolm $35
N/A Sandy Hooper Sandy Hooper $35
N/A Susan Gardner Susan Gardner $35
N/A Therese Mcmillan Therese Mcmillan $35
34th Lyneham High School Staff & Friends Lyneham High School Staff & Friends $140
Members of Lyneham High School Staff & Friends
224th Anthony Burgess Anthony Burgess $140
N/A Cheryl Pole Cheryl Pole $0
N/A Eric Morris Eric Morris $0
N/A Sam Chapman Sam Chapman $0
37th EMB EMB $130
Members of EMB
413th Anthony Bishop Anthony Bishop $75
615th Sarah-Jane Bishop Sarah-Jane Bishop $35
855th Lauren Keats Lauren Keats $20
38th Chazam Chazam $125
Members of Chazam
615th Charmaine Facciol Charmaine Facciol $35
38th Edbed Edbed $125
Members of Edbed
309th Jessica Edward Jessica Edward $105
855th Ange Edward Ange Edward $20
38th Yandi Roos Yandi Roos $125
Members of Yandi Roos
N/A Lily Casella Lily Casella $70
N/A Cindy Rakena Cindy Rakena $50
977th Aka Kramadibrata Aka Kramadibrata $5
N/A Bradley Hobson Bradley Hobson $0
N/A Vegar Almbakk Vegar Almbakk $0
41st Fierce Fitness By Michelle Ralph Fierce Fitness By Michelle Ralph $120
Members of Fierce Fitness By Michelle Ralph
254th Jess Wanders Jess Wanders $120
N/A Dani Elle Dani Elle $0
N/A Marnie Coventon Marnie Coventon $0
N/A Michelle Hicks Michelle Hicks $0
N/A Michelle Ralph Michelle Ralph $0
42nd Frys Frys $105
Members of Frys
615th Ethan Fry Ethan Fry $35
615th Raelene Fry Raelene Fry $35
615th Scott Fry Scott Fry $35
42nd National Library BAG National Library BAG $105
Members of National Library BAG
615th Jenny Stephens Jenny Stephens $35
615th Peter Collins Peter Collins $35
N/A Beth Mansfield Beth Mansfield $0
N/A Kylie Moloney Kylie Moloney $0
44th Spoke-tacular Spoke-tacular $100
Members of Spoke-tacular
321st Jessica Faulkner Jessica Faulkner $100
N/A Stacey Andrew Stacey Andrew $0
44th The CQ Amateur's The CQ Amateur's $100
Members of The CQ Amateur's
N/A Ashley Lehmann Ashley Lehmann $0
N/A Monique England Monique England $0
46th Millennials Millennials $95
Members of Millennials
474th Imogen Glazebrook Imogen Glazebrook $60
N/A Peter Scott Peter Scott $0
N/A Shannon Oakley Shannon Oakley $0
47th Paying it forward Paying it forward $85
Members of Paying it forward
498th Kristy Kerrisk Kristy Kerrisk $50
N/A Jenna Peut Jenna Peut $35
N/A Natalie Parsloe Natalie Parsloe $0
N/A Toni Horman Toni Horman $0
Members of CQ MAMIL
406th Steve Felix Steve Felix $80
49th Our Tour de Friends Our Tour de Friends $75
Members of Our Tour de Friends
484th Louise Smith Louise Smith $55
855th Madison Smith Madison Smith $20
N/A Karen McElroy Karen McElroy $0
N/A Kim Giusa Kim Giusa $0
N/A Liam Duncan Liam Duncan $0
N/A Marcus Oneil Marcus Oneil $0
N/A Matt Zahra Matt Zahra $0
N/A Michelle Giltrap Michelle Giltrap $0
N/A Paul Giusa Paul Giusa $0
N/A Shelley Barons Shelley Barons $0
N/A Tracey Blakeborough Tracey Blakeborough $0
50th Bellarine Belles Bellarine Belles $70
Members of Bellarine Belles
615th sue jager sue jager $35
615th Vicki Perrett Vicki Perrett $35
N/A Jacqui Poppy Rhyan Jacqui Poppy Rhyan $0