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Rank Name Raised
1st PSCG PSCG $7,768.70
Members of PSCG
18th Robert Miller Robert Miller $2,769.16
66th Dimitri Dufour Dimitri Dufour $1,366.20
78th Peter Edwards Peter Edwards $1,302.88
340th Julian Williams Julian Williams $641.59
378th Warwick Durrant Warwick Durrant $606.42
839th David King David King $330.50
1231st Ian Watson Ian Watson $195.50
1474th Sarah Miller Sarah Miller $144.90
2351st Michael Styles Michael Styles $51.75
3549th Beth Ross Beth Ross $5.18
N/A Al Richards Al Richards $0
N/A Ben Brawn Ben Brawn $0
N/A Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann $0
2nd Levi's Legends Levi's Legends $6,437.76
Members of Levi's Legends
8th John Kirkham John Kirkham $3,815.67
170th Tim Bean Tim Bean $881.56
285th Hamdi Al-Ansari Hamdi Al-Ansari $690.35
470th peter meek peter meek $546.53
589th Troy Debrincat Troy Debrincat $503.66
3rd Keepit Flying Keepit Flying $4,388.60
Members of Keepit Flying
9th Justin Smith Justin Smith $3,715.85
N/A guy streeter-smith guy streeter-smith $0
4th JMPU (now and in the future) JMPU (now and in the future) $3,881.28
Members of JMPU (now and in the future)
90th George Acheson-Thom George Acheson-Thom $1,213.71
154th Damien Bower Damien Bower $944.30
163rd Rob Serafin Rob Serafin $905.63
570th Ben Respondek Ben Respondek $507.15
1266th C A C A $186.30
3167th Narelle Powers Narelle Powers $20.70
5th Mark's Cycle Challenge Team Mark's Cycle Challenge Team $3,345.69
Members of Mark's Cycle Challenge Team
205th Mark Knowles Mark Knowles $815.57
404th Chris Sunderland Chris Sunderland $584.24
452nd Joe Schutte Joe Schutte $557.38
670th Larry Damcevski Larry Damcevski $517.00
606th Steven Bennett Steven Bennett $500.30
967th Lorretta Onwuegbuchulam Lorretta Onwuegbuchulam $272.88
3167th Milos Cvjeticanin Milos Cvjeticanin $20.70
N/A John Bishop John Bishop $0
N/A John Bridge John Bridge $0
N/A Stephen Gladwish Stephen Gladwish $0
N/A Stephen Liston Stephen Liston $0
6th SuperHero Kids SuperHero Kids $3,043.16
Members of SuperHero Kids
14th Kent Goldner Kent Goldner $2,889.53
2301st Shari Harvey Shari Harvey $60.49
2351st Sean Downie Sean Downie $51.75
2649th Parinaz Sariri Parinaz Sariri $41.40
N/A Beth Ross Beth Ross $0
7th Team CDU Team CDU $3,028.59
Members of Team CDU
24th Doug Austin Doug Austin $2,291.02
741st Sue Tucker Sue Tucker $380.50
1385th Katharine Taylor Katharine Taylor $160.41
1603rd Tricia Murray Tricia Murray $124.20
N/A Şerm Erden Şerm Erden $36.23
N/A Klarice Lago Klarice Lago $0
8th The 6 foot giants The 6 foot giants $2,573.90
Members of The 6 foot giants
84th Nolan Humphreh Nolan Humphreh $1,254.21
271st Paul Chalkley Paul Chalkley $704.55
485th Tony Chalkley Tony Chalkley $537.52
N/A Nicole Mcpherson Nicole Mcpherson $77.63
N/A Madison-paige Hornigold Madison-paige Hornigold $0
N/A Reagan Purdy Reagan Purdy $0
9th Cycle Bugs Cycle Bugs $2,417.86
Members of Cycle Bugs
62nd Jason Buch Jason Buch $1,455.80
421st Tam Buchanan Tam Buchanan $575.33
817th Dianne Bott Dianne Bott $340.16
3549th Anthony Hawkins Anthony Hawkins $5.18
10th Highview College EBT team Highview College EBT team $2,233.06
Members of Highview College EBT team
337th Baylie Lang Baylie Lang $645.01
812th Liam Palling Liam Palling $341.56
1008th Lily Cain Lily Cain $258.76
1018th Allegra Roberts Allegra Roberts $253.58
1020th Macey Parry Macey Parry $252.89
1178th Angus Ostarcevic Angus Ostarcevic $207.01
1571st Gina Ross Gina Ross $129.38
3167th Dylan Jacobs Dylan Jacobs $20.70
N/A Marion Martin Marion Martin $0
11th The ABCCC (All Bout Childrens Cancer Cycle) The ABCCC (All Bout Childrens Cancer Cycle) $2,189.38
Members of The ABCCC (All Bout Childrens Cancer Cycle)
25th Sandy Jacobson Sandy Jacobson $2,189.38
12th Cycling Jesus Cycling Jesus $2,119.37
Members of Cycling Jesus
74th Mick Rustybox Graham Mick Rustybox Graham $1,317.88
211th Dylan Riley Dylan Riley $801.49
N/A Keegan Hesse Keegan Hesse $0
13th Tour de Farce Tour de Farce $2,104.51
Members of Tour de Farce
111th Nathan Creedy Nathan Creedy $1,089.07
137th Paul McFarlane Paul McFarlane $1,015.44
14th Cycling Dads Australia Cycling Dads Australia $1,958.39
Members of Cycling Dads Australia
992nd Richard Marks Richard Marks $263.93
1025th Tim Parkinson Tim Parkinson $251.65
1092nd Chris Shelly Chris Shelly $230.43
1211th Matt Hissey Matt Hissey $200.60
1266th Michael Roy Michael Roy $186.30
1347th Kristian Andrejewskis Kristian Andrejewskis $169.03
1366th Adam Peacock Adam Peacock $162.10
1380th Ben Whitmore Ben Whitmore $160.43
1424th Leigh Jardine Leigh Jardine $154.56
2261st Ben Stewart Ben Stewart $67.28
2457th Dave Burns Dave Burns $50
3449th Craig Steele Craig Steele $10.35
3449th James McGee James McGee $10.35
3449th Steffan Malek Steffan Malek $10.35
3449th Tobe Cooper Tobe Cooper $10.35
N/A Jens Glynne Jens Glynne $0
N/A Steve Darrall Steve Darrall $0
15th Bike to Wine Bike to Wine $1,953.47
Members of Bike to Wine
53rd Caitlin Scott Caitlin Scott $1,619.53
1192nd Sandi Williams Sandi Williams $205.78
N/A Danette Lee Danette Lee $91.93
N/A Kat Pisani Kat Pisani $36.23
N/A Emily Sapwell Emily Sapwell $0
16th Spinning Thunder Spinning Thunder $1,938.34
Members of Spinning Thunder
80th Alex Sewell Alex Sewell $1,284.71
724th Kyal Neame Kyal Neame $391.96
1394th Ger Cummins Ger Cummins $158.87
1816th Anthony Cummins Anthony Cummins $102.80
17th St John Ambulance NT St John Ambulance NT $1,827.22
Members of St John Ambulance NT
202nd Samantha Cooper Samantha Cooper $827.95
273rd Max Mace Max Mace $704.30
1769th Annie Hesse Annie Hesse $103.50
2000th Danielle Leslie Danielle Leslie $82.80
N/A Simone McInerney Simone McInerney $0
18th URC, Ulladulla rats cyclists URC, Ulladulla rats cyclists $1,821.19
Members of URC, Ulladulla rats cyclists
43rd coby muir coby muir $1,769.44
19th QPS PCC Peddlers QPS PCC Peddlers $1,784.77
Members of QPS PCC Peddlers
118th Peter Ess Peter Ess $1,072.46
267th Peter Bellars Peter Bellars $712.31
20th K’s for Dollars K’s for Dollars $1,717.22
Members of K’s for Dollars
124th James McCafferty James McCafferty $1,058.27
318th Nick Adnum Nick Adnum $658.95
21st TeamKidson TeamKidson $1,716.74
Members of TeamKidson
234th Scott Kidson Scott Kidson $753.05
398th Gill Kidson Gill Kidson $589.95
1157th Eric Kidson Eric Kidson $213.32
22nd FLikes FLikes $1,704.13
Members of FLikes
343rd Caitlin Nevin Caitlin Nevin $637.92
698th Sarah Mcnamara Sarah Mcnamara $408.83
1386th Caitlin Mole Caitlin Mole $159.90
1466th Jodi Senn Jodi Senn $148.33
2026th Corline le Grange Corline le Grange $79.70
2256th Charlotte Pepper Charlotte Pepper $68.00
2637th Seth Collins Seth Collins $45.88
3167th Emmy Radford Emmy Radford $20.70
3281st William Staude William Staude $20
3449th Cooper Edwards Cooper Edwards $10.35
3449th Samuel West-Cook Samuel West-Cook $10.35
N/A Ethan Pepper Ethan Pepper $0
N/A Felicity Ericsson Felicity Ericsson $0
N/A Janet Davies Janet Davies $0
N/A Maggie Staude Maggie Staude $0
N/A Otto Weadon Otto Weadon $0
23rd Cycopaths Cycopaths $1,567.51
Members of Cycopaths
146th Shane Hudson Shane Hudson $1,003.68
439th Adrian Fitipaldes Adrian Fitipaldes $563.83
24th Julia Creek Rides 2 cure kids Julia Creek Rides 2 cure kids $1,566.77
Members of Julia Creek Rides 2 cure kids
351st Fiona Malone Fiona Malone $630.09
500th Karena Leake Karena Leake $527.86
755th Julieanne Jensen Julieanne Jensen $372.60
25th Middle aged mountain biker gals Middle aged mountain biker gals $1,535.89
Members of Middle aged mountain biker gals
279th Karyn Finselbach Karyn Finselbach $701.21
512th Michelle Lees Michelle Lees $525.40
1147th Julia Peters Julia Peters $217.35
1942nd Nicole Bates Nicole Bates $91.93
26th Team Ironstone Team Ironstone $1,535.47
Members of Team Ironstone
82nd Mark Heanly Mark Heanly $1,268.82
1156th Jenny Heanly Jenny Heanly $214.90
2351st Maddy Heanly Maddy Heanly $51.75
N/A Darren Fogarty Darren Fogarty $0
27th Team Dexus WA Team Dexus WA $1,481.51
Members of Team Dexus WA
277th Laura Morse Laura Morse $701.83
814th John Beckett John Beckett $341.55
28th Southies Southies $1,457.98
Members of Southies
152nd Russell Valentine Russell Valentine $952.65
585th Anthony Bold Anthony Bold $505.33
29th westies westies $1,436.23
Members of westies
130th Adrian Versaico Adrian Versaico $1,033.79
767th michael campbell michael campbell $366.21
30th Hound Dog Fit Hound Dog Fit $1,373.75
Members of Hound Dog Fit
121st Ross Kohn Ross Kohn $1,060.88
1314th Sarita Reimers Sarita Reimers $144.90
2351st Lindy Wilson Lindy Wilson $51.75
2457th Kent Wright Kent Wright $50
2635th Sharyn Carnahan Sharyn Carnahan $46.23
3281st Pauline McGinn Pauline McGinn $20
N/A Amanda Klein Amanda Klein $0
N/A Brendan Hewett Brendan Hewett $0
N/A Darlene Saal Darlene Saal $0
N/A Jamie Saal Jamie Saal $0
N/A Jo Wilson Jo Wilson $0
N/A Kellie Beatty Kellie Beatty $0
N/A Melissa Keeley Melissa Keeley $0
N/A Sonya Trim Sonya Trim $0
N/A Wayne Wilson Wayne Wilson $0
31st JCM JCM $1,356.10
Members of JCM
293rd James Topping James Topping $678.91
788th Max Thomson Max Thomson $352.74
851st Caelan Mclennan Caelan Mclennan $324.46
32nd The Crusty Underpants The Crusty Underpants $1,354.81
Members of The Crusty Underpants
590th Mark Emery Mark Emery $503.62
N/A Craig Patton Craig Patton $0
33rd WRCC Heroes WRCC Heroes $1,350.13
Members of WRCC Heroes
270th John Smallwood John Smallwood $707.88
662nd Lin Green Lin Green $436.03
1760th Jan Leach Jan Leach $106.23
2457th Kellie Wilmshurst Kellie Wilmshurst $50
2457th Rian Jenkinson Rian Jenkinson $50
N/A Tim Daley Tim Daley $0
34th Mastercard - Brisbane office Mastercard - Brisbane office $1,344.56
Members of Mastercard - Brisbane office
686th Luis Franco Marin Luis Franco Marin $416.46
985th Claudia Naidoo Claudia Naidoo $265.95
1063rd Matt Jenkins Matt Jenkins $242
1115th Emily Biswell Emily Biswell $225.96
2068th Warren Scott Warren Scott $72.45
2166th Rob Dunn Rob Dunn $70
2351st paul mcmahon paul mcmahon $51.75
N/A Demosthenes Mateo Jr Demosthenes Mateo Jr $0
N/A Drew Watson Drew Watson $0
N/A Ean Dungey Ean Dungey $0
N/A Georg Lippold Georg Lippold $0
N/A Grant Hansen Grant Hansen $0
35th Zachy's Ride Zachy's Ride $1,337.80
Members of Zachy's Ride
155th Joe Kowaluk Joe Kowaluk $943.77
2647th Sophie Holborow Sophie Holborow $41.41
N/A Gavin Duhig Gavin Duhig $0
37th Cyclopaths Cyclopaths $1,320.91
Members of Cyclopaths
132nd Benjamin Conolly Benjamin Conolly $1,029.84
915th Sam Crafter Sam Crafter $291.08
38th Team FJ Team FJ $1,304.05
Members of Team FJ
114th Flynn Rainford Mullen Flynn Rainford Mullen $1,083.28
1134th Joel Rainford Joel Rainford $220.78
39th Adaptive Duo Adaptive Duo $1,287.59
Members of Adaptive Duo
243rd Rhonda Alman Rhonda Alman $744.80
543rd Robert Alman Robert Alman $516.91
40th Tryhards Tryhards $1,270.08
Members of Tryhards
266th Annette Kelsall Annette Kelsall $712.40
451st Louise de Jager Louise de Jager $557.68
41st IFM Cyclomaniacs IFM Cyclomaniacs $1,251.88
Members of IFM Cyclomaniacs
425th Sheree Geci Sheree Geci $573.67
740th Katherine Woolard Katherine Woolard $380.51
487th Kass Brown Kass Brown $297.71
N/A Fleur Peters Fleur Peters $0
42nd Kids Trying To Make A Difference Kids Trying To Make A Difference $1,226.51
Members of Kids Trying To Make A Difference
441st Josh Mander Josh Mander $563.07
1306th Lachie George Lachie George $175.95
1650th Aiden Cale Aiden Cale $120.07
2351st Thomas Valente Thomas Valente $51.75
43rd Hogden Hogden $1,210.91
Members of Hogden
92nd Scott Hogden Scott Hogden $1,210.91
44th Team Bethlehem Team Bethlehem $1,198.64
Members of Team Bethlehem
97th Hannah Thompson Hannah Thompson $1,172.76
N/A Steve Littlechild Steve Littlechild $0
45th Fighting to get Fit Fighting to get Fit $1,195.70
Members of Fighting to get Fit
100th Robert Keilar Robert Keilar $1,155
3281st Anna Keilar Anna Keilar $20
46th Mastercard (Sydney) Mastercard (Sydney) $1,183.10
Members of Mastercard (Sydney)
376th Alison Powers Alison Powers $607
1058th Enda Flaherty Enda Flaherty $243.23
1726th Fernanda Ramos Fernanda Ramos $108.68
2068th Caroline Hill Caroline Hill $72.45
2457th Jacques Simon Jacques Simon $50
2457th sean chang sean chang $50
N/A Edward Cobol Edward Cobol $0
N/A Marc Carolus Marc Carolus $0
N/A Rob Davis Rob Davis $0
N/A Sam Hart Sam Hart $0
47th Vega & Vazille Vega & Vazille $1,175.95
Members of Vega & Vazille
299th Francois Vazille Francois Vazille $675.95
609th Sarah Vega Sarah Vega $500
48th HAOW cyclists HAOW cyclists $1,175.36
Members of HAOW cyclists
238th Deborah Thompson Deborah Thompson $749.51
1174th Sarah Coleman Sarah Coleman $209.73
1491st Judy Gray Judy Gray $143.68
N/A Catherine Dawson Catherine Dawson $0
N/A Erika Hughes Erika Hughes $0
N/A Georgia Marjoribanks Georgia Marjoribanks $0
49th Marlborough Magic Marlborough Magic $1,136.77
Members of Marlborough Magic
122nd Lisa Reiner Lisa Reiner $1,059.14
2729th Tahlia Rollings Tahlia Rollings $36.23
3064th Brodie Rollings Brodie Rollings $31.05
N/A Austin Dwyer Austin Dwyer $0
N/A Dove Allen Dove Allen $0
N/A Greg Rollings Greg Rollings $0
N/A Liam Mckeown Liam Mckeown $0
N/A Shaun McClare Shaun McClare $0
N/A Spencer Elkins Spencer Elkins $0
N/A Taj Kairys Taj Kairys $0
N/A Tristan Legaspi Tristan Legaspi $0
N/A Yarra Allen Yarra Allen $0
50th ScottsdaleRide4kids ScottsdaleRide4kids $1,128.36
Members of ScottsdaleRide4kids
431st Lilly Bowen Lilly Bowen $569.25
646th Brit Walker Brit Walker $450.44
1726th Maddison McDougall Maddison McDougall $108.68
51st Team Chloe Team Chloe $1,128.06
Members of Team Chloe
2041st Jodie Rodda Jodie Rodda $372.61
948th Rhiannon Pfeiffer Rhiannon Pfeiffer $279.45
N/A Stephanie Pace Stephanie Pace $201.13
N/A Angie Starkey Angie Starkey $81.58
N/A Kristy Watts Kristy Watts $72.45
2729th Ethan Elkin Ethan Elkin $36.23
3064th Nickey Webster Nickey Webster $31.05
N/A Coby Fifer Coby Fifer $0