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Rank Name Raised
1st The 4 cs The 4 cs $225
Members of The 4 cs
4th Jess Wedd Jess Wedd $165
12th Andrew Coppins Andrew Coppins $60
2nd Omega Rising Omega Rising $10
Members of Omega Rising
28th Bojan Jovanovic Bojan Jovanovic $10
N/A 25000spins 25000spins $0
Members of 25000spins
N/A Craig Shipton Craig Shipton $0
N/A Aint got no brakes Aint got no brakes $0
N/A Devils challenge! Devils challenge! $0
Members of Devils challenge!
N/A Haley Berlett Haley Berlett $0
N/A Grumpy Grandpa Grumpy Grandpa $0
Members of Grumpy Grandpa
N/A Gord Henry Gord Henry $0
N/A Lang Gang Lang Gang $0
Members of Lang Gang
N/A Lisa Wilson Lane Lisa Wilson Lane $0
N/A Modular Walls / Masterton Homes Modular Walls / Masterton Homes $0
Members of Modular Walls / Masterton Homes
N/A Colin Brown Colin Brown $0
N/A Roctobers V Roctobers V $0
Members of Roctobers V
N/A Daniel Guzej Daniel Guzej $0
N/A Rogers ride 503 Rogers ride 503 $0
Members of Rogers ride 503
N/A Joshua Rogers Joshua Rogers $0
N/A Team Riverstone Team Riverstone $0
Members of Team Riverstone
N/A Jay Thomas Jay Thomas $0
N/A The Jay-Cats The Jay-Cats $0
Members of The Jay-Cats
N/A Duncan Cannon Duncan Cannon $0
N/A Tims team Tims team $0
Members of Tims team
N/A Tim Lynch Tim Lynch $0
N/A War War $0
Members of War
N/A Mario Hernandez Mario Hernandez $0
N/A West Valley Wheelmen West Valley Wheelmen $0
Members of West Valley Wheelmen
N/A Carlos Perez Carlos Perez $0
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