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Rank Name Raised
1st Levi's Legends Levi's Legends $75,491.80
Members of Levi's Legends
1st Warren Floyd Warren Floyd $51,929.89
26th John Kirkham John Kirkham $5,358.17
36th Stefan Hofmann Stefan Hofmann $5,003.22
258th Kerry Forrest Kerry Forrest $2,126.37
357th Alan Edmond Alan Edmond $1,803.04
384th Tim Bean Tim Bean $1,713.84
773rd Colin Sharpe Colin Sharpe $1,172.10
945th Troy Debrincat Troy Debrincat $1,062.56
952nd Aprillee Walmsley Aprillee Walmsley $1,058.43
1036th Jamie Miller Jamie Miller $1,015.11
1418th peter meek peter meek $817.26
1446th Hamdi Al-Ansari Hamdi Al-Ansari $806.92
2027th James Baker James Baker $618.30
2788th Kashaan Stoker Kashaan Stoker $448.87
3054th Eric Breadon Eric Breadon $349.72
3672nd Michelle Costelloe Michelle Costelloe $203.03
N/A Nick Hendrie Nick Hendrie $0
2nd Team Styleness Team Styleness $63,406.08
Members of Team Styleness
2nd Anthony Johnson Anthony Johnson $35,580.24
3rd Paul Allsop Paul Allsop $27,163.44
4083rd Stuart Forbes Stuart Forbes $124.20
3rd PSCG PSCG $23,032.97
Members of PSCG
43rd Robert Miller Robert Miller $4,561.10
102nd Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann $3,139.11
177th Dimitri Dufour Dimitri Dufour $2,594.58
228th David King David King $2,297.36
304th Julian Williams Julian Williams $1,991.11
333rd Ben Brawn Ben Brawn $1,861.29
507th Peter Edwards Peter Edwards $1,473.60
1652nd Sarah Miller Sarah Miller $732.21
1882nd Warwick Durrant Warwick Durrant $658.17
1945th Beth Ross Beth Ross $636.58
1989th Rick Argenta Rick Argenta $625.50
2649th Ian Watson Ian Watson $501.92
2668th Michael Styles Michael Styles $500.74
4399th Al Richards Al Richards $93.15
4507th Shayne Roche Shayne Roche $81.56
4th Epiroc Australia Epiroc Australia $20,795.05
Members of Epiroc Australia
230th Bevan Darby Bevan Darby $2,285.57
389th Vilim Zubak Vilim Zubak $1,685.17
N/A Steven Kattouch Steven Kattouch $1,351.75
1525th sue goc sue goc $773.46
1963rd Peter Verhoeven Peter Verhoeven $631.36
2412th Ying Ying Ying Lee Ying Ying Ying Lee $533.03
2532nd Jessica Vrielink Jessica Vrielink $510.21
2609th David Galbraith David Galbraith $503.90
2704th Randall Brothers Randall Brothers $489.89
N/A Janet McQueen Janet McQueen $389.15
2987th Richelle Brooks Richelle Brooks $370.17
520th Jenna Fullagar Jenna Fullagar $274.28
3459th Vanessa Ocansey Vanessa Ocansey $247.14
3759th Matthew Watson Matthew Watson $185.07
N/A michael bray michael bray $165.60
N/A Milan Ivovic Milan Ivovic $70
5016th Katherine Biagi Katherine Biagi $36.23
5326th John Swift John Swift $20.70
5th Keepit Flying Keepit Flying $18,756.47
Members of Keepit Flying
4th Justin Smith Justin Smith $16,060.90
1218th guy streeter-smith guy streeter-smith $910.61
3177th Greg Smith Greg Smith $310.50
6th Tour de Friends Tour de Friends $18,475.88
Members of Tour de Friends
89th Kim Giusa Kim Giusa $3,317.49
180th Sarah Ena Sarah Ena $2,574.85
302nd Karen McElroy Karen McElroy $2,001.61
359th Tanya Holland Tanya Holland $1,790.12
582nd Tullio Ena Tullio Ena $1,368.47
869th Matt Zahra Matt Zahra $1,104.01
900th Glenn Chalker Glenn Chalker $1,087.58
1102nd Adrienne Grosser Adrienne Grosser $1,000.28
1214th Tracey Blakeborough Tracey Blakeborough $912.93
1249th Shelley Barons Shelley Barons $898.16
1909th Michelle Giltrap Michelle Giltrap $648.35
2305th Louise Smith Louise Smith $551.89
2770th Marcus Oneil Marcus Oneil $457.60
3451st Brad Duncan Brad Duncan $248.41
3735th Luke Giusa Luke Giusa $192.63
4059th Paul Giusa Paul Giusa $129.25
4254th Liam Duncan Liam Duncan $104.29
7th Cycling Dads Australia Cycling Dads Australia $17,345.00
Members of Cycling Dads Australia
476th Richard Marks Richard Marks $1,523.42
506th Mark Corbett Mark Corbett $1,475.41
659th Chris Shelly Chris Shelly $1,268.78
723rd Luke Miller Luke Miller $1,204.23
747th James McGee James McGee $1,184.21
765th Nick Atkin Nick Atkin $1,176.23
987th Rohan Foy Rohan Foy $1,040.01
1029th Matt Hissey Matt Hissey $1,020
1317th Mark Hewetson Mark Hewetson $861.22
1479th Adam Peacock Adam Peacock $795.17
1662nd Tim Parkinson Tim Parkinson $729.25
2187th Leigh Jardine Leigh Jardine $576.53
2195th Steffan Malek Steffan Malek $574.36
2394th Steve Darrall Steve Darrall $535.61
2503rd Kristian Andrejewskis Kristian Andrejewskis $515.34
2652nd Michael Roy Michael Roy $501.65
2783rd Mudit Mahajan Mudit Mahajan $451.91
2954th Ben Whitmore Ben Whitmore $382.96
3146th Peter Cox Peter Cox $322.18
3249th Dave Burns Dave Burns $293.79
3259th Sid Hanif Sid Hanif $289.39
3388th Ben Stewart Ben Stewart $263.72
4305th Janepob Puthikarun Janepob Puthikarun $101.76
4421st Craig Steele Craig Steele $89.16
5066th Chris Miller Chris Miller $35
5535th Tobe Cooper Tobe Cooper $10.35
N/A Jens Glynne Jens Glynne $0
N/A Manish Tahiliani Manish Tahiliani $0
N/A Scott Waters Scott Waters $0
8th Austal Land Riders Austal Land Riders $16,026.16
Members of Austal Land Riders
911th Rachel Green Rachel Green $1,082.91
1065th Hayden Cotter Hayden Cotter $1,006.01
1086th Emma Tongue Emma Tongue $1,002.25
1905th Kelly Cechner Kelly Cechner $648.96
2275th Tristan Leopold Tristan Leopold $557.22
2318th Loic Draoulec Loic Draoulec $549.42
2483rd James Cunningham James Cunningham $519.40
2936th Glenn Dicker-Lee Glenn Dicker-Lee $389.04
2949th Sarah Cathcart Sarah Cathcart $385.51
3438th Tim MacCallum Tim MacCallum $251.51
3460th Max van Someren Max van Someren $246.78
3537th Joshua Halman Joshua Halman $231.65
3569th Steve Marwood Steve Marwood $225.95
3571st beau Lawson beau Lawson $225.20
3626th John Donovan John Donovan $213.28
3953rd Liz Archer Liz Archer $148.07
4546th Jason King Jason King $72.45
5048th David Harvey David Harvey $35.02
N/A James de la Bere James de la Bere $0
9th The Croc Rockers The Croc Rockers $13,504.25
Members of The Croc Rockers
5th Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson $12,838.92
2344th Malcolm West Malcolm West $542.78
4122nd Crikey Cadel Crikey Cadel $122.56
10th Riding with one goal Riding with one goal $13,218.49
Members of Riding with one goal
8th David Hughes David Hughes $10,617.68
176th Nigel Coey Nigel Coey $2,600.81
11th Hound Dog Fit Hound Dog Fit $11,529.17
Members of Hound Dog Fit
67th Ross Kohn Ross Kohn $3,710.43
1314th Sarita Reimers Sarita Reimers $804.30
1535th Chloe Denning Chloe Denning $769.38
1655th Sharyn Carnahan Sharyn Carnahan $731.54
N/A Marcia Smith Marcia Smith $671.77
2339th Kylie Patchett Kylie Patchett $543.39
2430th Amanda Klein Amanda Klein $529.36
2845th Pauline McGinn Pauline McGinn $429.85
3508th Lindy Wilson Lindy Wilson $237.25
3621st Peter Denning Peter Denning $214.92
N/A David O'Brien David O'Brien $207
5493rd Louise OBrien Louise OBrien $207
3732nd Jo Wilson Jo Wilson $192.81
3801st Darlene Saal Darlene Saal $175.12
3801st Jamie Saal Jamie Saal $175.12
4726th Clare Cnossen Clare Cnossen $103.50
4442nd Kellie Beatty Kellie Beatty $87.56
N/A Brittany Pearce Brittany Pearce $76.40
4688th Wayne Wilson Wayne Wilson $61.30
4688th Will Wilson Will Wilson $61.30
4759th Brendan Hewett Brendan Hewett $51.75
4818th Kent Wright Kent Wright $50
N/A Roz Gleeson Roz Gleeson $17.51
N/A Barry Bowden Barry Bowden $0
N/A Fiona Mcewan Fiona Mcewan $0
N/A Melissa Keeley Melissa Keeley $0
N/A Melissa Keeley Melissa Keeley $0
N/A Sonya Trim Sonya Trim $0
N/A Tanya Anderson Tanya Anderson $0
12th Klopfer Dobos Klopfer Dobos $10,988.83
Members of Klopfer Dobos
118th Chris Dimsey Chris Dimsey $3,024.37
239th Chad Mills Chad Mills $2,209.32
249th Justin Ashford Justin Ashford $2,161.99
264th Tristan Halls Tristan Halls $2,112.64
2872nd Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez $418.38
3502nd Dom Adkins Dom Adkins $238.52
3742nd Samuel Hall Samuel Hall $190.84
4011th Philip Hosemans Philip Hosemans $138.50
4605th Miguel Videla Miguel Videla $71.05
5246th Billy Fogarty Billy Fogarty $31.05
13th FLikes FLikes $10,608.12
Members of FLikes
784th Margareth Michaelsen Margareth Michaelsen $1,163.45
1210th Sarah Mcnamara Sarah Mcnamara $915.28
1413th Jodi Senn Jodi Senn $820.16
1425th Seth Collins Seth Collins $813.77
1454th Corline le Grange Corline le Grange $804.29
1502nd Samuel West-Cook Samuel West-Cook $782.41
1514th Charlotte Pepper Charlotte Pepper $776.98
1559th Cooper Edwards Cooper Edwards $763.35
1639th Caitlin Nevin Caitlin Nevin $735.83
1644th Caitlin Mole Caitlin Mole $733.94
1804th Janet Davies Janet Davies $676.97
2650th Abbey Andrew Abbey Andrew $501.91
3564th Maggie Staude Maggie Staude $226.23
3570th William Staude William Staude $225.38
3651st Emmy Radford Emmy Radford $208.99
3893rd makayla mole makayla mole $160.43
4388th harry burns harry burns $93.94
5509th Felicity Ericsson Felicity Ericsson $17.51
5535th Hannah Poole Hannah Poole $10.35
5535th Rhyan Beckett-kitson Rhyan Beckett-kitson $10.35
N/A Conor Nevin Conor Nevin $0
N/A Ethan Pepper Ethan Pepper $0
N/A Sebastian Pepper Sebastian Pepper $0
14th NTPFES NTPFES $10,439.96
Members of NTPFES
266th Megan Duncan Megan Duncan $2,111.12
581st Darren Heaven Darren Heaven $1,368.71
630th Steve Greenall Steve Greenall $1,305.31
957th Grayson McKinlay Grayson McKinlay $1,055.35
1238th Holly Ranson Holly Ranson $903.27
1376th Travis DUNGEY Travis DUNGEY $836.81
1477th Simon Bulasch Simon Bulasch $796.32
1960th Julie Hollemans Julie Hollemans $632.64
2289th Zoe Robinson Zoe Robinson $554.84
3045th Julian Robinson Julian Robinson $350.97
3486th Axl Dethmore Axl Dethmore $242.18
4936th Lauren Ross Lauren Ross $43.20
15th Bunch of young ones Bunch of young ones $10,231.27
Members of Bunch of young ones
10th Imogen Kuipers Imogen Kuipers $10,231.27
16th WRCC Heroes WRCC Heroes $9,680.97
Members of WRCC Heroes
31st John Smallwood John Smallwood $5,223.47
329th Jan Leach Jan Leach $1,874.91
1219th Tim Daley Tim Daley $910.22
1710th Kellie Wilmshurst Kellie Wilmshurst $712.63
2053rd Lin Green Lin Green $610.38
3308th Rian Jenkinson Rian Jenkinson $277.70
17th IFM Cyclomaniacs IFM Cyclomaniacs $9,605.36
Members of IFM Cyclomaniacs
288th Fleur Peters Fleur Peters $2,044.15
487th Kass Brown Kass Brown $1,719.18
721st Fred Peters Fred Peters $1,205.32
776th Sheree Geci Sheree Geci $1,170.93
1217th Janice Kelly Janice Kelly $911.28
1791st hunter Hurst hunter Hurst $682.06
2920th Katherine Woolard Katherine Woolard $398.02
2921st Josie Turner Josie Turner $397.78
18th Ferda Kids Ferda Kids $9,417.09
Members of Ferda Kids
85th Damo Liddy Damo Liddy $3,369.97
272nd Benn Kirkwood Benn Kirkwood $2,097.63
575th Amanda Manning Amanda Manning $1,377.79
963rd Nathan Gordon Nathan Gordon $1,053.19
1539th Jorja Kirkwood Jorja Kirkwood $768.21
2612th Chris Halliday Chris Halliday $503.65
3463rd Hollie Kikrwood Hollie Kikrwood $246.66
19th Vonex Vonex $9,405.40
Members of Vonex
275th Matt Fahey Matt Fahey $2,075.35
N/A Andrew Smith Andrew Smith $1,829.32
511th Dallas Thomas Dallas Thomas $1,470.40
N/A Katherine Marsh Katherine Marsh $934.01
N/A Jarryd Gorman Jarryd Gorman $649.41
2599th George Soultis George Soultis $504.70
2789th Angus Parker Angus Parker $448.37
3825th Nathan Thomas Nathan Thomas $172.97
3898th Ruth Thomas Ruth Thomas $159.58
4252nd Lachlan Wyeth Lachlan Wyeth $105
N/A Nilma Campita Nilma Campita $61.30
5326th Arles Ayado Arles Ayado $20.70
5326th Hanny Loren Hanny Loren $20.70
N/A Jenny Rose Dagang Jenny Rose Dagang $20.70
N/A Marly baynos Marly baynos $20.70
N/A Mary Medalle Mary Medalle $20.70
5326th Reynante Balansag Reynante Balansag $20.70
N/A Sonia Sabanal Sonia Sabanal $20.70
N/A Cyril Montejo Cyril Montejo $0
N/A Ivan Alino Ivan Alino $0
N/A Maria Hambre Maria Hambre $0
20th Mammals in the making Mammals in the making $9,269.21
Members of Mammals in the making
34th Jack Homer Jack Homer $5,041.48
160th Ivan Homer Ivan Homer $2,650.20
462nd Parker Babington Parker Babington $1,541.31
21st Team Surge Team Surge $9,220.56
Members of Team Surge
549th Brad Domoney Brad Domoney $1,417.85
942nd Angie Naish Angie Naish $1,404.47
N/A Rachel Foden Rachel Foden $1,182.10
1276th Julia Watson Julia Watson $881.11
1351st Fiona Waldock Fiona Waldock $846.46
N/A Sonja Greenslade Sonja Greenslade $639.21
N/A Carrie Thornton Carrie Thornton $503.18
N/A Melissa Hughes Melissa Hughes $483.43
N/A Suzanne Miller Suzanne Miller $438.15
N/A Brad Greenslade Brad Greenslade $348.67
3258th Eben Venter Eben Venter $289.58
N/A Rachael Woodfield Rachael Woodfield $274.49
3978th Georgia Stevenson Georgia Stevenson $143.57
N/A Lundi Koen Lundi Koen $124.20
4330th Kat Muir Kat Muir $61.30
N/A Jaxon Bilchuris Jaxon Bilchuris $46.58
N/A Catherine Burns Catherine Burns $0
N/A Chloe Purcell Chloe Purcell $0
N/A Michelle Korff Michelle Korff $0
N/A Naomi Lynch Naomi Lynch $0
N/A Teresa Parkes Teresa Parkes $0
22nd Mark's Cycle Challenge Team Mark's Cycle Challenge Team $8,891.57
Members of Mark's Cycle Challenge Team
220th Steven Kierath Steven Kierath $2,319.65
892nd Mark Knowles Mark Knowles $1,091.66
1179th Stephen Liston Stephen Liston $930.56
1387th Steven Bennett Steven Bennett $832.14
1456th Stephen Gladwish Stephen Gladwish $803.95
1586th Chris Sunderland Chris Sunderland $752.49
1954th Joe Schutte Joe Schutte $635.00
670th Larry Damcevski Larry Damcevski $517.00
2768th Todd Bonney Todd Bonney $457.99
1358th Lorretta Onwuegbuchulam Lorretta Onwuegbuchulam $360.86
4591st John Bridge John Bridge $71.25
5326th Milos Cvjeticanin Milos Cvjeticanin $20.70
N/A John Bishop John Bishop $0
23rd Gears N Beers Gears N Beers $8,560.52
Members of Gears N Beers
191st Andrew Maher Andrew Maher $2,521.21
405th Caryn Brincat Caryn Brincat $1,644.98
444th Tazz Baguley Tazz Baguley $1,568.69
1171st Paul Hozjan Paul Hozjan $936.27
2086th Craig Wilson Craig Wilson $602.66
2786th Jake Wilson Jake Wilson $450.14
3117th Anthony Eden Anthony Eden $329.83
24th Around the World for Alice Around the World for Alice $8,200.88
Members of Around the World for Alice
677th Debbie Pascoe Debbie Pascoe $1,239.56
1174th Dan Clark Dan Clark $935.53
1598th Cathy Mc Menamin Cathy Mc Menamin $748.87
1986th Owen Watson Owen Watson $626.18
2218th Jo Blacker Jo Blacker $568.01
2348th David Smith David Smith $542.56
2882nd Chris Robinson Chris Robinson $411.53
3126th David Gabrielli David Gabrielli $327
3396th Helen Titheradge Helen Titheradge $262.37
3572nd Hayden Ivins Hayden Ivins $224.72
3576th David Anderson David Anderson $224.15
3674th Rebecca Clark Rebecca Clark $202.92
3836th Ben Burchill Ben Burchill $170.78
4257th Lachlan McCrea Lachlan McCrea $103.50
4759th Anthony Warren Anthony Warren $51.75
4975th Andrew Ivins Andrew Ivins $40
N/A AJ Giltrow AJ Giltrow $0
N/A Ashleigh Ivins Ashleigh Ivins $0
N/A Dan Adams Dan Adams $0
N/A Desmond Smith Desmond Smith $0
N/A Finn Carpenter Finn Carpenter $0
N/A Jan O'Brien Jan O'Brien $0
N/A Jonathan Barcham Jonathan Barcham $0
N/A Lachlan O’ Brien Lachlan O’ Brien $0
N/A Lloyd Allen Lloyd Allen $0
N/A Murray Connell Murray Connell $0
N/A neil Coney neil Coney $0
N/A Paul Hutchings Paul Hutchings $0
N/A Phil Maurer Phil Maurer $0
N/A Rich McWatt Rich McWatt $0
N/A Richard Legner Richard Legner $0
N/A Shane French Shane French $0
N/A Simon Slater Simon Slater $0
25th Recycling Mates Recycling Mates $7,812.81
Members of Recycling Mates
227th Jacqueline Collins Jacqueline Collins $2,300.92
N/A Steven T Steven T $1,804.33
N/A Joycelyn Thompson Joycelyn Thompson $903.27
1414th Amy Connellan Amy Connellan $820.14
N/A sharleen mcgurk sharleen mcgurk $729.00
1835th Julie Storer Julie Storer $670.89
N/A Nance OBrien Nance OBrien $532.52
26th Highview College EBT team Highview College EBT team $7,770.36
Members of Highview College EBT team
547th Gina Ross Gina Ross $1,420.33
554th Macey Parry Macey Parry $1,408.15
820th Baylie Lang Baylie Lang $1,138.65
1326th Lily Cain Lily Cain $855.79
2067th Liam Palling Liam Palling $606.78
2162nd Allegra Roberts Allegra Roberts $581.14
N/A Marion Martin Marion Martin $573.93
2304th Angus Ostarcevic Angus Ostarcevic $551.92
2542nd Dylan Jacobs Dylan Jacobs $509.49
27th CNS CNS $7,675.07
Members of CNS
527th Jackie Taylor Jackie Taylor $1,440.80
843rd Kelly Burns Kelly Burns $1,121.03
1030th Jason Erasmus Jason Erasmus $1,019.70
1286th Trent Todd Trent Todd $875.59
1958th Katrina Pirlo Katrina Pirlo $633.48
2110th Hiram Chipperfield Hiram Chipperfield $598.11
2392nd Frans Roodt Frans Roodt $536.12
2396th Jolien Visser Jolien Visser $535.32
28th Bike to Wine Bike to Wine $7,309.22
Members of Bike to Wine
42nd Caitlin Scott Caitlin Scott $4,642.63
388th Sandi Williams Sandi Williams $1,687.61
N/A Danette Lee Danette Lee $673.65
N/A Kat Pisani Kat Pisani $284.64
N/A Emily Sapwell Emily Sapwell $0
29th Westernport Wheelies Westernport Wheelies $7,237.83
Members of Westernport Wheelies
17th Shaz Green Shaz Green $6,739.43
3421st Ilse Hall Ilse Hall $255.97
5016th Mathew Beckwith Mathew Beckwith $36.23
30th Team RFDS Charleville Team RFDS Charleville $7,155.76
Members of Team RFDS Charleville
826th Nick Tully Nick Tully $1,133.32
975th Shane Wise Shane Wise $1,044.89
1031st Diane Dowrick Diane Dowrick $1,018.70
1045th Courtney Jane Courtney Jane $1,012.26
1613th Patricia Prociv Patricia Prociv $743.98
2433rd Scott Bentley Scott Bentley $528.89
2512th Jo Mahony Jo Mahony $513.91
2962nd Cathy Wilson Cathy Wilson $380.21
3598th Greig Smith Greig Smith $220.08
3620th Emma Wex Emma Wex $215.61
31st Mauri, Baking Better Together Mauri, Baking Better Together $7,124.57
Members of Mauri, Baking Better Together
16th Michael White Michael White $7,021.07
32nd Mastercard (Sydney) Mastercard (Sydney) $6,950.38
Members of Mastercard (Sydney)
117th Caroline Hill Caroline Hill $3,035.30
715th Enda Flaherty Enda Flaherty $1,207.96
922nd Alison Powers Alison Powers $1,077.01
1864th Jacques Simon Jacques Simon $661.34
2514th sean chang sean chang $513.32
3538th Fernanda Ramos Fernanda Ramos $231.26
N/A Alison Green Alison Green $172.45
N/A Edward Cobol Edward Cobol $0
N/A Marc Carolus Marc Carolus $0
N/A Rob Davis Rob Davis $0
N/A Sam Hart Sam Hart $0
33rd St John Ambulance NT St John Ambulance NT $6,896.67
Members of St John Ambulance NT
84th Samantha Cooper Samantha Cooper $3,374.79
458th Max Mace Max Mace $1,552.25
2463rd Danielle Leslie Danielle Leslie $523
2592nd Chris Trotter Chris Trotter $505.19
3355th Simone McInerney Simone McInerney $269.10
3740th Annie Hesse Annie Hesse $191.06
34th Champalampness Champalampness $6,641.69
Members of Champalampness
53rd Paul Champness Paul Champness $4,143.76
1335th Daniel Champness Daniel Champness $852.69
1759th Phil Johnston Phil Johnston $693.18
1888th Christopher Lal Christopher Lal $657.09
3967th Andrew Champness Andrew Champness $144.90
35th Vega & Vazille Vega & Vazille $6,404.56
Members of Vega & Vazille
49th Francois Vazille Francois Vazille $4,206.07
241st Sarah Vega Sarah Vega $2,198.49
36th Collo Cuzzies Collo Cuzzies $6,305.97
Members of Collo Cuzzies
99th Liam Collins Liam Collins $3,165.26
105th Jacob Collins Jacob Collins $3,104.49
37th Ride and Seek Ride and Seek $6,245.37
Members of Ride and Seek
561st Janine Wade Janine Wade $1,400.94
587th Cheryl Coombs Cheryl Coombs $1,361.69
954th Nichole Scaunich Nichole Scaunich $1,057.69
1008th Marnie Simpson Marnie Simpson $1,028.05
2491st Philip Coombs Philip Coombs $517.50
3277th Kath Connelly Kath Connelly $284.22
3505th Kylie McDuff Kylie McDuff $238.05
3787th Aaron Stamford Aaron Stamford $175.96
4743rd Maria Tilders Maria Tilders $53.56
5016th Dylan Dowden Dylan Dowden $36.23
5048th Annette Gunning Mace Annette Gunning Mace $35.02
5048th Michelle Tindale Michelle Tindale $35.02
573rd Kylie Clark Kylie Clark $21.44
N/A Cam Mace Cam Mace $0
N/A Lucy Gathercole Lucy Gathercole $0
N/A Myra Kelly Myra Kelly $0
38th Intraining Running & Triathlon Club Intraining Running & Triathlon Club $6,184.53
Members of Intraining Running & Triathlon Club
63rd Philippe Lanoux Philippe Lanoux $3,766.90
1740th Romana Bowd Romana Bowd $700
1946th Peter Richards Peter Richards $636.52
2367th Jamie Ross Jamie Ross $539.41
N/A Mariza Richards Mariza Richards $144.32
4051st Clayton Kelly Clayton Kelly $130.95
5282nd Aaron Blanch Aaron Blanch $25.88
N/A Anna M Anna M $0
N/A Cary Browne Cary Browne $0
39th Team CDU Team CDU $6,165.01
Members of Team CDU
59th Doug Austin Doug Austin $3,911.62
1140th Sue Tucker Sue Tucker $967.79
463rd Tricia Murray Tricia Murray $860.89
3036th Katharine Taylor Katharine Taylor $352.25
N/A Şerm Erden Şerm Erden $36.23
N/A Klarice Lago Klarice Lago $0
40th Okeedokee Norman Park Okeedokee Norman Park $6,032.26
Members of Okeedokee Norman Park
480th Josiah Eames Josiah Eames $1,522.64
670th Luca Romans Luca Romans $1,247.81
825th Victor Walters Victor Walters $1,134.02
3482nd Elle Young Elle Young $242.82
N/A Amy Meyer Amy Meyer $115.53
41st Team Ironstone Team Ironstone $5,917.01
Members of Team Ironstone
57th Mark Heanly Mark Heanly $4,035.36
1060th Darren Fogarty Darren Fogarty $1,006.38
1872nd Maddy Heanly Maddy Heanly $660.37
3622nd Jenny Heanly Jenny Heanly $214.90
42nd Ranger Rollers Ranger Rollers $5,894
Members of Ranger Rollers
41st Sharon Paulka Sharon Paulka $4,655.14
1659th Shay Whiticker Shay Whiticker $729.90
4430th Katrina Bangay Katrina Bangay $87.98
43rd Darcy and Luke Darcy and Luke $5,710.13
Members of Darcy and Luke
5413th Darcy Ballard Darcy Ballard $20
N/A Luke Morgan Luke Morgan $0
44th SuperHero Kids SuperHero Kids $5,704.48
Members of SuperHero Kids
90th Kent Goldner Kent Goldner $3,304.14
675th Tony Urquhart Tony Urquhart $1,242.14
1147th Sean Downie Sean Downie $962.36
4196th Parinaz Sariri Parinaz Sariri $109.08
4465th Shari Harvey Shari Harvey $86.77
45th FKK Cancer FKK Cancer $5,626.01
Members of FKK Cancer
202nd Stephen Keating Stephen Keating $2,501.26
762nd Susan Fox Susan Fox $1,177.68
895th Keira Keating Keira Keating $1,089.50
3265th Evan Kavanagh Evan Kavanagh $287.55
3346th Alánna King Alánna King $270.72
46th SAVVY SAVVY $5,579.55
Members of SAVVY
3561st Mark Williams Mark Williams $1,365.13
N/A Linda Nguyen Linda Nguyen $726.33
N/A Angela Saville Angela Saville $696.84
1972nd Jade Burke Jade Burke $629.77
N/A Sue Johnson Sue Johnson $588.18
N/A Janelle Mangelsdorf Janelle Mangelsdorf $323.80
N/A Bridie Cutifani Bridie Cutifani $175.12
N/A Jackie Wright Jackie Wright $71.25
N/A Julie McIver Julie McIver $55.72
N/A Nikki McCarthy Hicks Nikki McCarthy Hicks $35
N/A Grace Musgrove Grace Musgrove $0
N/A Grant Sullivan Grant Sullivan $0
N/A Kurt Freeme Kurt Freeme $0
N/A Matthew Pellow Matthew Pellow $0
47th Pedal Power Possy Pedal Power Possy $5,568.58
Members of Pedal Power Possy
138th Rell Baird Rell Baird $2,829.13
158th Sharon Richardson Sharon Richardson $2,678.16
48th Julia Creek Rides 2 cure kids Julia Creek Rides 2 cure kids $5,554.66
Members of Julia Creek Rides 2 cure kids
172nd Fiona Malone Fiona Malone $2,616.69
348th Julieanne Jensen Julieanne Jensen $1,831.72
934th Karena Leake Karena Leake $1,070.03
49th JMPU (now and in the future) JMPU (now and in the future) $5,491.96
Members of JMPU (now and in the future)
573rd George Acheson-Thom George Acheson-Thom $1,379.31
774th Rob Serafin Rob Serafin $1,171.53
789th Ben Respondek Ben Respondek $1,160.54
1035th Damien Bower Damien Bower $1,016.75
1936th C A C A $639.64
5326th Narelle Powers Narelle Powers $20.70
50th Spinning Thunder Spinning Thunder $5,332.57
Members of Spinning Thunder
157th Alex Sewell Alex Sewell $2,682.66
468th Kyal Neame Kyal Neame $1,536.27
1047th Ger Cummins Ger Cummins $1,010.85
4297th Anthony Cummins Anthony Cummins $102.80