Your Checklist

Here's a checklist to ensure you're ready to roll! Simply follow these steps and you'll be ready to start your challenge this October to fight kids' cancer!

1. Update your ride goal

Check your ride goal and make sure it still feels achievable throughout the month.

TIP: If you need to update your ride goal before you get started, go for it.

2. Plan your first ride

Plan your first ride by choosing a day, time and distance and locking it into your calendar.

Note: You don't have to start your challenge on October 1, simply pick a day that suits you to get out for your first ride.

3. Download GCC App / Connect an app

Make sure you're ready to log your kilometres and record your rides throughout the month.

There are 4 ways to log your kilometres:

For more information on how to log kilometres, click here.

4. Order a GCC T-shirt

Order an official GCC T-shirt to wear throughout the month as you ride to fight kids' cancer!

To view the t-shirt and place an order, click here.

5. Join our Facebook Group

Join our 'GCC Friends Oz' Facebook group to meet other riders and become a member of our riding community!

The group is a place to share tips, favourite rides, celebrate successes and get advice and support from other riders across the country.

To view the Facebook group, click here.

6. Ride to Fight Kids' Cancer!

You're good to go. Get on your bike and ride to fight kids' cancer. Best of luck and THANK YOU for joining our movement to save little lives.