The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Justin Smith Justin Smith $40,273
Warren Floyd Warren Floyd $30,299
Anandh Maistry Anandh Maistry $23,726
Shane Lewis Shane Lewis $18,426
Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson $13,768
Ian Lynass Ian Lynass $13,759
Noah Gilbertson Noah Gilbertson $13,426
Sharron Yaxley Sharron Yaxley $13,180
Matt Flapper Matt Flapper $12,526
Justin Daly Justin Daly $12,412
Christine Carew Christine Carew $12,357
Brad Morante Brad Morante $12,275
Fr Thomas Casanova Fr Thomas Casanova $12,264
Kevin Anderson Kevin Anderson $11,192
Ross Sparks Ross Sparks $10,955
Dean Brennan Dean Brennan $10,881
Hayden King Hayden King $10,465
Warrick Marshall Warrick Marshall $10,263
Danny Balloch Danny Balloch $9,684
Tim English Tim English $9,427
Jay Coady Jay Coady $9,085
Imogen Kuipers Imogen Kuipers $8,969
Peter Gurkin Peter Gurkin $8,736
Paul Dunn Paul Dunn $8,597
Skye Monckton Skye Monckton $8,519
Paul Moran Paul Moran $8,241
Kok wah Boey Kok wah Boey $8,226
Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse $8,002
David Rimmer David Rimmer $7,988
Guy Murray Guy Murray $7,977
Tanya Preston Tanya Preston $7,775
Geraldine Edgley Geraldine Edgley $7,645
Jane Yang Jane Yang $7,302
Brad Lyons Brad Lyons $7,258
Cameron Orth Cameron Orth $7,230
Lilian Boyes Lilian Boyes $7,215
Paul Champness Paul Champness $6,961
Simon Pallant Simon Pallant $6,945
Madeline Simpson Madeline Simpson $6,890
Jamie Harvey Jamie Harvey $6,815
Tom Hawtrey Tom Hawtrey $6,787
Travis Rainsford Travis Rainsford $6,642
Amanda Foster Amanda Foster $6,506
Ali Jadid Ali Jadid $6,505
Prakash Mistry Prakash Mistry $6,302
Justin Farrow Justin Farrow $6,301
Richie Priester Richie Priester $6,251
Tania Carlos Tania Carlos $6,247
Colin Cooper Colin Cooper $6,234