The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Demmi Paris Demmi Paris $2,136.07
Warren Floyd Warren Floyd $51,857.44
Anthony Johnson Anthony Johnson $35,580.24
Paul Allsop Paul Allsop $17,801.49
Justin Smith Justin Smith $14,805.20
Greig Kearney Greig Kearney $11,335.47
Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson $11,045.27
David Hughes David Hughes $10,567.68
Jessi-leigh Bridge Jessi-leigh Bridge $3,041.38
Ross Sparks Ross Sparks $10,265.85
Julian Buckley Julian Buckley $7,948.43
Imogen Kuipers Imogen Kuipers $7,923.85
Jocelyn Ledger Jocelyn Ledger $7,918.79
Brian Duncan Brian Duncan $7,013.47
Michael White Michael White $6,845.12
Jamie Harvey Jamie Harvey $6,178.32
Shaz Green Shaz Green $5,863.49
Scott Colless Scott Colless $5,822.03
Shane Lewis Shane Lewis $5,695.85
Wendy Au Wendy Au $5,499.41
John Kirkham John Kirkham $5,358.17
Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse $5,126.87
Malcolm J Little Malcolm J Little $5,073.82
Tony Iverson Tony Iverson $5,020.86
Natasha Ekmekjian Natasha Ekmekjian $5,007.80
Paul Dunn Paul Dunn $4,740.62
Ron Langford Ron Langford $4,644.66
Graham Purches Graham Purches $4,631.08
Stephen Williams Stephen Williams $4,566.27
Fletcher Shearman Fletcher Shearman $4,498.57
Robert Miller Robert Miller $4,488.65
Monique Morcus Monique Morcus $4,392.61
Caitlin Scott Caitlin Scott $4,373.53
Craig Smith Craig Smith $4,350.48
Brad Morante Brad Morante $4,317.62
Jack Homer Jack Homer $4,304.88
Sameera Bashir Sameera Bashir $4,282.83
Sharon Paulka Sharon Paulka $4,226.37
Henry Uen Henry Uen $4,116.19
John Smallwood John Smallwood $4,087.12
Patrick Casey Patrick Casey $4,060.75
Stefan Hofmann Stefan Hofmann $4,059.23
Ed van Dijk Ed van Dijk $3,978.21
Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $3,976.49
Craig Buffett Craig Buffett $3,894.00
Makaya Smit Makaya Smit $3,886.39
Doug Austin Doug Austin $3,885.75
Lee Collins Lee Collins $3,779.96
Philippe Lanoux Philippe Lanoux $3,766.90