The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Warren Floyd Warren Floyd $27,077
Bobby Goyal Bobby Goyal $17,003
Mark Heanly Mark Heanly $13,556
Ross Sparks Ross Sparks $11,703
Imogen Kuipers Imogen Kuipers $10,478.50
Brad de Plater Brad de Plater $8,512
Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse $7,335
Tony Iverson Tony Iverson $7,240
Shane Lewis Shane Lewis $7,185
Brody Miller Brody Miller $7,100
Kevin Wells Kevin Wells $6,688.50
Craig Smith Craig Smith $6,650
Russell Beer Russell Beer $6,650
Roshan Das Roshan Das $6,555
Peter Crogan Peter Crogan $6,430
Scott Colless Scott Colless $6,220
Malcolm J Little Malcolm J Little $6,105
Jocelyn Ledger Jocelyn Ledger $6,100
Brad Morante Brad Morante $6,030
Luke Matthews Luke Matthews $5,801.69
Justin Costello Justin Costello $5,633
Graham Purches Graham Purches $5,595
Vanessa Baylis Vanessa Baylis $5,517
Gino Macchiusi Gino Macchiusi $5,410
Marjo Hallowell Marjo Hallowell $5,328.90
Neville Hughes Neville Hughes $5,215
Ross Kohn Ross Kohn $5,195.75
Paddy Casey Paddy Casey $5,175
Shane Donohue Shane Donohue $5,150
Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann $5,121.40
Natasha Ekmekjian Natasha Ekmekjian $4,790
Stephen Hanley Stephen Hanley $5,035
Brenton Luke Brenton Luke $5,005
Adam Kimberley Adam Kimberley $4,790
Ron Langford Ron Langford $4,736.70
Julian Buckley Julian Buckley $4,713.17
Cameron Squire Cameron Squire $4,600
Tom Holyman Tom Holyman $4,575
Scott Steel Scott Steel $4,555
Daniel Clegg Daniel Clegg $4,520
Mike Webb Mike Webb $4,501.80
Hamish Fairchild Hamish Fairchild $4,500
Paul Dunn Paul Dunn $4,490
Brett Smith Brett Smith $4,435
Heather Muggridge Heather Muggridge $4,275
Justin Marsh Justin Marsh $4,380
John Smallwood John Smallwood $4,371
Dave Hoswell Dave Hoswell $4,370
Beck Spring Beck Spring $4,290