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Use these Story resources to share your challenge and MAXIMISE your impact!


Spread the word about Kick Cancer's Butt Day on Instagram with one of our GCC stickers or our Kick Cancer's Butt Day filter!

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To use GCC GIFs on Instagram:

      1. Choose to add a GIF to your Instagram story
      2. Search #GCCOZ
      3. Go GIF-crazy!

To try the GCC Instagram Filter:

If you're on a mobile device, go directly to the filter on Instagram by clicking here

Social Stories

Add these to your Instagram, Facebook or TikTok Story to let everyone know about your challenge. Make sure you add your rider link to your stories and bio so people can easily sponsor you! 

1 month, 1 goal story
Every 2 minutes story
Did you know story


Riding GCC story
Fight kids' cancer story
Riding for Emily



50km story
60km story
75km story
100km story


125km story
150km story
200km story
250km story


300km story
350km story
400km story
500km story


600km story
700km story
750km story
800km story


1000km story
1200km story
1500km story
2000km story