Meet Emily

Emily sadly passed away on August 24, 2023. This page is dedicated to honouring her memory.


Emily was a fiery and funny 5-year-old who loved colouring in, dancing, and playing with her puppies, Toby and Milo. In March, she was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma.


It all started when Emily lost her appetite and started complaining of a sore tummy. After multiple trips to the doctors, Emily was thought to have overlapping viruses and started on a course of antibiotics.


But Emily’s symptoms worsened, and one morning, she woke with a limp, unable to bear weight on her right leg. 


Her parents, Emma and Brodie, knew something was wrong with their little girl, so they took her to the local hospital. When the doctors decided to discharge Emily with another course of antibiotics, her mum pushed for a scan of her abdomen.


The scan revealed a large mass on Emily’s right adrenal gland, measuring 12 x 8 cm. Emily was transported immediately to the oncology ward at the Queensland Children’s Hospital.


After arriving at the hospital, her family received the heartbreaking news…


Emily had cancer.


Further scans revealed that the cancer had already spread to her spine, head, legs, bones, and bone marrow.


Since her diagnosis, Emily has endured multiple rounds of chemotherapy, blood transfusions, bone marrow aspirations, dressing changes, feeding tube insertions, and several infections, including mucositis. She has a central line implanted in her chest to administer medication.


“It’s a big fight for a four-year-old. But we’re following Emily’s lead, and we’ll be there to hold her and love her, every step of the way,” her mum told us.


Despite everything Emily went through, she always maintained her sass and sense of humour. Emily would call her oncologist a “chicken nugget”, and when presented with hospital food, she would often respond, “What the heck!”


Emily, you will be remembered and deeply missed. We will keep you in our hearts as we ride this October.