The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Warren Floyd Warren Floyd 7years $39,548
Liz and Pat Burfitt Liz and Pat Burfitt $32,134
Justin Smith Justin Smith 4years $30,184
Shane Lewis Shane Lewis 7years $21,212
Rachael Batkovic Rachael Batkovic $21,104
Anthony Krsticevic Anthony Krsticevic $20,769
Gary West Gary West $20,006
Wayne Gowland Wayne Gowland $18,537
Danny Balloch Danny Balloch 2years $17,716
Imam Yasin Gungor Imam Yasin Gungor $15,779
Ian Lynass Ian Lynass 2years $15,428
Brad Morante Brad Morante 5years $13,074
Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson 7years $11,468
Mustafa Arsiwala Mustafa Arsiwala $11,115
Zahir Ali Zahir Ali $11,072
Lindsay Hoole Lindsay Hoole $11,017
Skye Monckton Skye Monckton 6years $10,230
Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse 6years $10,105
Linda Davis Linda Davis $9,671
Tom Waters Tom Waters $9,504
Scott Borg Scott Borg $9,085
AJ Blyth AJ Blyth $8,853
Brenton Pullman Brenton Pullman $8,672
Paul Moran Paul Moran 2years $8,588
Scott Steel Scott Steel 5years $8,554
Kenneth McNally Kenneth McNally $8,542
Craig Burr Craig Burr 5years $8,484
Scott Parker Scott Parker 3years $8,328
David Rimmer David Rimmer 5years $8,233
Adam Stevens Adam Stevens $8,187
Hasitha de Silva Hasitha de Silva 3years $8,000
Ben Gullo Ben Gullo $7,941
Damian Ebzery Damian Ebzery 2years $7,870
Ash Naim Ash Naim $7,509
Huw Jarman Huw Jarman 2years $7,485
Leonardo Couto Leonardo Couto 5years $7,378
Ross Sparks Ross Sparks 7years $7,328
Parth Shah Parth Shah 3years $7,200
Jake Johns Jake Johns $7,152
Joseph Bridgman Joseph Bridgman $6,828
Amanda McPherson Amanda McPherson 2years $6,806
Bryce van Slooten Bryce van Slooten 2years $6,714
Malcolm J Little Malcolm J Little 7years $6,641
Nicholas Vamvakaris Nicholas Vamvakaris $6,585
Paul Dunn Paul Dunn 7years $6,469
Guy Murray Guy Murray 3years $6,405
Jason King Jason King $6,398
Simon Pallant Simon Pallant 4years $6,342
Andrew Carolan Andrew Carolan 3years $6,312