The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Sylvia Hall Sylvia Hall 5years $3,475
Brendan Toogood Brendan Toogood 2years $3,468
John Spezza John Spezza $3,454
Brad Collins Brad Collins $3,442
Mark Homewood Mark Homewood 2years $3,400
William Doble William Doble 4years $3,391
Dianne Tomlinson Dianne Tomlinson 5years $3,386
Martine Kinloch Martine Kinloch 2years $3,384
Colin Cooper Colin Cooper 5years $3,376
Tony Banks Tony Banks 7years $3,374
Christopher Barry Christopher Barry $3,373
Hish Nehfaoui Hish Nehfaoui $3,373
Suraj Padinjarute Suraj Padinjarute 4years $3,365
Robert Rice Robert Rice $3,349
Craig Buffett Craig Buffett 4years $3,348
Adam Melideo Adam Melideo $3,344
Ian Duncan Ian Duncan $3,340
Leo Kuipers Leo Kuipers 3years $3,337
Carmen Allen Carmen Allen 2years $3,335
Brad de Plater Brad de Plater 7years $3,326
Rajiv Bedse Rajiv Bedse 2years $3,323
Craig Penney Craig Penney 3years $3,323
Rylan Sharp Rylan Sharp $3,321
Tim Liu Tim Liu $3,315
Nathan Henderson Nathan Henderson $3,307
Steve Eden Steve Eden 3years $3,306
Hunter Ratnam Hunter Ratnam $3,304
John Ronning John Ronning 2years $3,298
John Curley John Curley 2years $3,297
Wendy Mewett Wendy Mewett 3years $3,295
Matt Croxford Matt Croxford 4years $3,291
Ann Palmer Ann Palmer 6years $3,287
Greg Sara Greg Sara 2years $3,276
Dakota Harder Dakota Harder $3,259
Merin Bineesh Merin Bineesh $3,255
Brian Grosser Brian Grosser 3years $3,254
Elliot Chan Elliot Chan 2years $3,245
Eddie Eustace Eddie Eustace 3years $3,223
Chris Bowley Chris Bowley $3,222
Anselmo Matsui Anselmo Matsui 7years $1,393
Tim Bean Tim Bean 7years $3,222
Derek Van Bracht Derek Van Bracht 2years $3,215
Steve Twyford Steve Twyford 3years $3,213
Tony Ryan Tony Ryan 7years $3,207
Carly Sewell Carly Sewell $3,200
Daniel Formosa Daniel Formosa 2years $3,200
Geoff Ney Geoff Ney 2years $3,199
Kirk Murillo Kirk Murillo $3,198