The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Peter Hinck Peter Hinck 5years $4,259
Barbara Martin Barbara Martin 7years $4,240
Paul Brock Paul Brock 2years $4,225
Wayne Caldwell Wayne Caldwell $4,218
Antony Pritchett Antony Pritchett 5years $4,212
Ty Gock Ty Gock 6years $4,211
David Crawford David Crawford 4years $4,204
John Choroszy John Choroszy 5years $4,167
Ivanka McCamley Ivanka McCamley $4,165
Mark Knowles Mark Knowles 5years $4,157
Craig Butt Craig Butt 6years $4,150
Angus Rowe Angus Rowe 5years $4,143
Andrew McMurtrie Andrew McMurtrie 4years $4,142
Charlie Hart Charlie Hart 3years $4,138
Adam Murphy Adam Murphy 5years $4,135
Jason Tracey Jason Tracey 4years $4,113
Richard Field Richard Field 3years $4,112
Andrew O'Connell Andrew O'Connell 4years $4,107
peter paps peter paps 7years $4,100
Brian Lynch Brian Lynch $4,094
Ron Langford Ron Langford 6years $4,058
Ryan Cullen Ryan Cullen 2years $4,056
Dianne Hughes Dianne Hughes 4years $4,052
Lucas Vijayakumar Lucas Vijayakumar $4,051
Leigh Robinson Leigh Robinson 4years $4,044
chris holdich chris holdich 2years $4,042
Steve Main Steve Main $4,036
John Wood John Wood 4years $4,035
Venkata Srinivas Kasina Venkata Srinivas Kasina 2years $4,028
Lisa White Lisa White 4years $4,021
Duncan Moore Duncan Moore $4,008
Steve Treadwell Steve Treadwell $4,007
Stuart Crisp Stuart Crisp $4,001
Michael Tapp Michael Tapp 2years $3,964
Glenn Challen Glenn Challen 7years $3,950
Rob Chivers Rob Chivers 4years $3,936
Ben Lennard Ben Lennard $3,927
Bridgette Ryan Bridgette Ryan 2years $1,732
David Roche David Roche $3,911
Greg Paroissien Greg Paroissien $3,911
Kate Mooring Kate Mooring 4years $3,883
Garry Long Garry Long 3years $3,863
Ben OBrien Ben OBrien 2years $3,836
Victor Grunewald Victor Grunewald $3,833
Tuan Nguyen Tuan Nguyen $3,813
Vince Marziale Vince Marziale $3,781
Rachel Harvey Rachel Harvey 5years $3,777
Wendy Grant Wendy Grant 3years $3,776
Stefan Hofmann Stefan Hofmann 7years $3,776