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Rank Name Raised
1st Activate Clinic Activate Clinic $31
Members of Activate Clinic
30th Skye Monckton Skye Monckton $31
N/A Hany Georgy Hany Georgy $0
N/A awesome kids4kids awesome kids4kids $0
Members of awesome kids4kids
N/A Douglas Hallowell Douglas Hallowell $0
N/A Edward Hallowell Edward Hallowell $0
N/A Hugh Hallowell Hugh Hallowell $0
N/A Marjo Hallowell Marjo Hallowell $0
N/A Bearded Villains Victoria Chapter Bearded Villains Victoria Chapter $0
Members of Bearded Villains Victoria Chapter
N/A James Naylor James Naylor $0
N/A Bike For Life Strathmore Bike For Life Strathmore $0
Members of Bike For Life Strathmore
N/A Parker Petruska Parker Petruska $0
N/A Bowpeeps Bowpeeps $0
Members of Bowpeeps
N/A Dale Bowman Dale Bowman $0
N/A Darren Bowman Darren Bowman $0
N/A Sandi Bowman Sandi Bowman $0
6th Bridgetown GCC Riders Bridgetown GCC Riders $10
Members of Bridgetown GCC Riders
27th Jason DRURY Jason DRURY $10
N/A Connor and brayden Connor and brayden $0
Members of Connor and brayden
N/A Brayden Hall Brayden Hall $0
N/A Connor Burns Connor Burns $0
8th CR-AMP's Alliance CR-AMP's Alliance $52
Members of CR-AMP's Alliance
17th Ben Marner Ben Marner $52
N/A Jason McGregor Jason McGregor $0
N/A Phil Thouvenot Phil Thouvenot $0
N/A Thomaz Hernandes Thomaz Hernandes $0
N/A creeky creeky $0
Members of creeky
N/A collin ahern collin ahern $0
N/A E=MC2 E=MC2 $0
Members of E=MC2
N/A Emalea Hetherington Emalea Hetherington $0
10th Darryl Minerds Darryl Minerds $141
12th Andrew Witts Andrew Witts $72
12th Cong Nguyen Cong Nguyen $72
30th Scott Thompson Scott Thompson Scott Thompson Scott Thompson $52
N/A David Boak David Boak $0
N/A Gareth Popple Gareth Popple $0
N/A Ian Fletcher Ian Fletcher $0
N/A Johan Oosthuizen Johan Oosthuizen $0
N/A Louise Noonan Louise Noonan $0
N/A Mark del Villar Mark del Villar $0
N/A Martin Slabbert Martin Slabbert $0
N/A Mathew Meldrum Mathew Meldrum $0
N/A Rick Twine Rick Twine $0
N/A Fun Gun Gun Fun Gun Gun $0
Members of Fun Gun Gun
N/A Sylvia Huynh Sylvia Huynh $0
N/A Grace to the Moon Grace to the Moon $0
Members of Grace to the Moon
N/A Grace Amos Grace Amos $0
N/A Happy Cycling Happy Cycling $0
Members of Happy Cycling
N/A Sharvi Bellur Sharvi Bellur $0
N/A Viji Udayashankar Viji Udayashankar $0
N/A Healing Healing $0
Members of Healing
N/A Gaby Hall Gaby Hall $0
N/A Jrpro1982 Jrpro1982 $0
Members of Jrpro1982
N/A Dwayne Norvell Jr. Dwayne Norvell Jr. $0
N/A Middleton Riders Middleton Riders $0
Members of Middleton Riders
N/A Jacob Hall Jacob Hall $0
N/A Open LMS Open LMS $0
Members of Open LMS
N/A Jesse Safran Jesse Safran $0
N/A Port Stephens Cycle Group Port Stephens Cycle Group $0
Members of Port Stephens Cycle Group
N/A Warwick Durrant Warwick Durrant $0
N/A Prospect SES Volunteers Prospect SES Volunteers $0
Members of Prospect SES Volunteers
N/A Chloe Jenkin Chloe Jenkin $0
N/A Harry Cross Harry Cross $0
N/A Kevin Wood Kevin Wood $0
N/A Matt West Matt West $0
N/A Rheem Volunteers Rheem Volunteers $0
Members of Rheem Volunteers
N/A Ty Gock Ty Gock $0
N/A SAS Cycle Club SAS Cycle Club $0
Members of SAS Cycle Club
N/A Andrew Dart Andrew Dart $0
N/A Chris Wade Chris Wade $0
N/A Colin Cooper Colin Cooper $0
N/A Cristiano Mastropietro Cristiano Mastropietro $0
N/A David Stakes David Stakes $0
N/A Dirk ten Cate Dirk ten Cate $0
N/A Dylan Wood Dylan Wood $0
N/A Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland $0
N/A Matt Black Matt Black $0
N/A Mike Brinkmeyer Mike Brinkmeyer $0
N/A Richard Sagar Richard Sagar $0
N/A Robbie Wallace Robbie Wallace $0
N/A Services Australia & Friends Services Australia & Friends $0
Members of Services Australia & Friends
N/A John Bishop John Bishop $0
N/A Mark Knowles Mark Knowles $0
N/A Slippery Suckers Slippery Suckers $0
Members of Slippery Suckers
N/A Nicole Mannix Nicole Mannix $0
N/A Rhiain Alexander Rhiain Alexander $0
N/A SOP 21 SOP 21 $0
Members of SOP 21
N/A Greg swampy Marsh Greg swampy Marsh $0
N/A South West Healthcare theatre South West Healthcare theatre $0
Members of South West Healthcare theatre
N/A Renee Tuck Renee Tuck $0
N/A Team DC Team DC $0
Members of Team DC
N/A Brian Hessenflow Brian Hessenflow $0
N/A Team FoxG1 Team FoxG1 $0
Members of Team FoxG1
N/A Pranav Singha Pranav Singha $0
N/A The Flying Scozzies The Flying Scozzies $0
Members of The Flying Scozzies
N/A Alicia Black Alicia Black $0
N/A Benjamin Cailler Benjamin Cailler $0
30th The Jeffries Return take 3 The Jeffries Return take 3 $52
Members of The Jeffries Return take 3
17th Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn $52
31st The vb's The vb's $1,687
Members of The vb's
1st harley van belkom harley van belkom $1,278
3rd Pip Vb Pip Vb $409
N/A Yum Cha Cart Yum Cha Cart $0
Members of Yum Cha Cart
N/A Aaron Chan Aaron Chan $0
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