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Rank Name Raised
51st Fiona Kavanagh Fiona Kavanagh $1,535
Members of Fiona Kavanagh
597th Fiona Kavanagh Fiona Kavanagh $1,514
52nd Smyth of Life Smyth of Life $1,533
Members of Smyth of Life
3064th Andrew Smyth Andrew Smyth $360
3234th Pippa Smyth Pippa Smyth $308
3254th Millie Smyth Millie Smyth $304
2946th Amy Smyth Amy Smyth $293
53rd Millton Millton $1,526
Members of Millton
856th Heidi Millton-Young Heidi Millton-Young $1,227
3844th Daniel Millton Daniel Millton $175
54th Latcham Gals Latcham Gals $1,523
Members of Latcham Gals
592nd Naomi Latcham Naomi Latcham $1,523
N/A Samantha Latcham Samantha Latcham $0
55th Merida Riders Merida Riders $1,498
Members of Merida Riders
1364th Morrie Granek Morrie Granek $919
2249th Jacob Granek Jacob Granek $580
56th Jodie and Lauren Jodie and Lauren $1,490
Members of Jodie and Lauren
N/A Lauren Govier Lauren Govier $1,099
N/A Jodie Rugari Jodie Rugari $209
57th Team Smitney Team Smitney $1,487
Members of Team Smitney
1214th Karen Petney Karen Petney $1,010
4697th Grant Smith Grant Smith $57
58th The Shred Kennedys The Shred Kennedys $1,482
Members of The Shred Kennedys
3283rd Ruth McKinlay Ruth McKinlay $297
3760th Paulie Kennedy Paulie Kennedy $191
4575th Michelle Withers Michelle Withers $70
4733rd Anna Phillips Anna Phillips $52
4916th Sammy Kennedy Sammy Kennedy $46
5199th Jacob Kennedy Jacob Kennedy $31
N/A Michelle Vout Michelle Vout $0
59th Team PKR Team PKR $1,481
Members of Team PKR
2157th Peter Readett Peter Readett $608
2658th Kerry Readett Kerry Readett $506
60th Dunkaroos Dunkaroos $1,455
Members of Dunkaroos
760th Julie Duncan Julie Duncan $1,323
4045th Shane Howard Shane Howard $132
61st Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019 Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019 $1,435
Members of Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019
1634th Graeme Sanders Graeme Sanders $788
2097th Rach Sanders Rach Sanders $622
62nd McCauley McCauley $1,433
Members of McCauley
650th Michael McCauley Michael McCauley $1,433
63rd Team Millie Team Millie $1,430
Members of Team Millie
1351st Samantha Jones Samantha Jones $924
2653rd Stu Jones Stu Jones $506
64th Fernando boys Fernando boys $1,420
Members of Fernando boys
1772nd Sharkya Fernando Sharkya Fernando $730
2232nd Shardya Fernando Shardya Fernando $588
65th The Pearce's The Pearce's $1,417
Members of The Pearce's
2430th Aaron Pearce Aaron Pearce $542
5332nd desirae p desirae p $20
N/A Ava P Ava P $0
N/A Kyra Pearce Kyra Pearce $0
N/A Noah Pearce Noah Pearce $0
66th Team Lane Team Lane $1,380
Members of Team Lane
2377th Harrison Lane Harrison Lane $551
3113th Andrew Lane Andrew Lane $344
67th Rylea's Riders Rylea's Riders $1,373
Members of Rylea's Riders
996th Jacinta Johnson Jacinta Johnson $1,129
3518th Denise Sutherland Denise Sutherland $243
68th The Murphys The Murphys $1,372
Members of The Murphys
704th Shelly Murphy Shelly Murphy $1,372
Members of TEAM CHAPPY
N/A Luigi Chapman Luigi Chapman $0
N/A Matthew Chapman Matthew Chapman $0
N/A Stefano Chapman Stefano Chapman $0
70th Cowy crew Cowy crew $1,363
Members of Cowy crew
2769th Steve Evans Steve Evans $500
3394th Jan Evans Jan Evans $271
3791st James Evans James Evans $185
N/A Alby Evans Alby Evans $0
71st SVEC Family SVEC Family $1,350
Members of SVEC Family
2248th Thor Svec Thor Svec $580
3471st Kobi Svec Kobi Svec $254
3714th Sandra Parsons Sandra Parsons $201
4524th Martin Svec Martin Svec $72
72nd GoGoGadget GoGoGadget $1,327
Members of GoGoGadget
825th Kayla Kanyaro Kayla Kanyaro $1,254
4518th Christopher Kanyaro Christopher Kanyaro $72
73rd Ironstone Ironstone $1,320
Members of Ironstone
1704th Maddy Heanly Maddy Heanly $758
2324th Nicholas Heanly Nicholas Heanly $563
74th Macs cycle Macs cycle $1,318
Members of Macs cycle
2470th Karen McDavitt Karen McDavitt $535
2555th Campbell Mcdavitt Campbell Mcdavitt $520
75th Kylie & Flynn Pech Kylie & Flynn Pech $1,309
Members of Kylie & Flynn Pech
772nd Kylie Pech Kylie Pech $1,309
76th Team Eddie Team Eddie $1,290
Members of Team Eddie
2833rd Cassidy Eddie Cassidy Eddie $470
2847th Mikayla Eddie Mikayla Eddie $460
77th 4810 4810 $1,288
Members of 4810
1747th Katy Joy Katy Joy $745
2421st Sienna F Sienna F $543
78th JTRAM JTRAM $1,275
Members of JTRAM
1951st Andrew Drayton Andrew Drayton $666
2153rd Jed Drayton Jed Drayton $609
79th H8CNCR H8CNCR $1,261
Members of H8CNCR
1023rd Melanie Josephs Melanie Josephs $1,113
4508th Paul Lees Paul Lees $75
4524th Lees Ki Jac Lees Ki Jac $72
80th Go Aroras Go Aroras $1,260
Members of Go Aroras
2796th Rajesh Arora Rajesh Arora $486
2882nd Ritu Arora Ritu Arora $439
81st Brock Short Brock Short $1,252
Members of Brock Short
830th Brock Short Brock Short $1,252
82nd HAPPY NEW YU :) HAPPY NEW YU :) $1,250
Members of HAPPY NEW YU :)
N/A Hillary Yu Hillary Yu $0
83rd The Greyhounds The Greyhounds $1,238
Members of The Greyhounds
1620th Michael Haseloff Michael Haseloff $1,166
4524th Tristan Newsome Tristan Newsome $72
1885th Sara Woodroffe Sara Woodroffe $685
3245th Evan Woodroffe Evan Woodroffe $305
85th Dad and Daughter Dad and Daughter $1,184
Members of Dad and Daughter
1900th Ron Ellery Ron Ellery $679
2666th Marion Ellery Marion Ellery $505
86th Willis Warriors Willis Warriors $1,177
Members of Willis Warriors
3213th Beverley Chard Beverley Chard $313
4054th Oliver Willis Oliver Willis $130
4166th Caleb Willis Caleb Willis $112
4410th Jorja Willis Jorja Willis $92
4497th Des Willis Des Willis $76
87th Bubbles Bubbles $1,147
Members of Bubbles
2274th Cathy Wood Cathy Wood $575
2287th Emilya Wood Emilya Wood $572
88th Slytherpuffs Slytherpuffs $1,140
Members of Slytherpuffs
2402nd Donald Wake Donald Wake $547
5427th Elvie Wake Elvie Wake $19
5427th Josephine Wake Josephine Wake $19
2608th Darren Snooks Darren Snooks $510
2608th Sophia Maree Covington Sophia Maree Covington $510
90th QueeNZlanders QueeNZlanders $1,106
Members of QueeNZlanders
2348th hayley gorton hayley gorton $558
3323rd Sandy Gorton Sandy Gorton $289
3609th Graham Hartshorne Graham Hartshorne $223
91st Collins Clan 2019 Collins Clan 2019 $1,105
Members of Collins Clan 2019
3069th Ryan Collins Ryan Collins $359
4224th Ross Collins Ross Collins $105
92nd Team Tsemitsidis Team Tsemitsidis $1,082
Members of Team Tsemitsidis
3933rd Victoria Tsemitsidis Victoria Tsemitsidis $155
93rd Dirt Divas Dirt Divas $1,078
Members of Dirt Divas
3993rd Judy Vowles Judy Vowles $143
4037th Isabella Vowles Isabella Vowles $134
94th BabyGuy BabyGuy $1,072
Members of BabyGuy
2387th Brooke Godbolt Brooke Godbolt $549
2526th Samantha Williams Samantha Williams $523
95th Robbos Rebels Robbos Rebels $1,072
Members of Robbos Rebels
2436th Hanna Green Hanna Green $541
2888th Samantha Robinson Samantha Robinson $436
4383rd Paul Robinson Paul Robinson $95
96th Mortons Mortons $1,067
Members of Mortons
1926th Samantha Deans Samantha Deans $672
2978th Matthew Morton Matthew Morton $395
97th Weeda's Weeda's $1,063
Members of Weeda's
2567th Anissa Weeda Anissa Weeda $518
2626th Janwillem Weeda Janwillem Weeda $508
N/A Leah Bergsma Leah Bergsma $0
98th Team Nicholls Team Nicholls $1,061
Members of Team Nicholls
1806th Leonie Nicholls Leonie Nicholls $714
3106th Jason Nicholls Jason Nicholls $347
99th Team Gold Team Gold $1,057
Members of Team Gold
1313th Leanne Ford Leanne Ford $953
4236th Donna Tiyce Donna Tiyce $104
100th #iamsaliba #iamsaliba $1,056
Members of #iamsaliba
2716th Audrey Saliba Audrey Saliba $502
2995th Isabelle Saliba Isabelle Saliba $389
3885th Matthew Saliba Matthew Saliba $165