Meet Mason

Mason is a cheerful and fun-loving 6-year-old boy who always gives lots of hugs and kisses to those around him. He loves playing with his monster trucks, exploring and learning new things.

But, when Mason was just 17 months old, doctors found a tumour under his left eye, and he was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer known as Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH).

Langerhans cell histiocytosis is such a rare form of cancer that Mason’s oncologist said that many doctors would never see this type of cancer in their lifetime.

Since his diagnosis, Mason has been through a LOT. He has endured surgeries, multiple unsuccessful drug trials, blood and platelet transfusions and many rounds of aggressive chemotherapy.

Mason has also spent long periods of time in hospital because of various fevers, septicaemia and the painful side effects of his treatments.

Mason has now been fighting cancer for more than half of his young life.

In September of 2020, Mason had scans done that showed that his cancer had spread to his spine and caused the partial collapse of three of his vertebrae. It also showed that Mason’s cancer had spread to his brain, neck, liver, lungs and bones. This meant that Mason had to go through more intensive treatment.

Through the course of his chemo treatments, Mason made a friend called Slater who was also battling childhood cancer. Sadly, Slater recently passed away and now Mason sports rainbow-coloured tape on his NG tube in honour of his buddy.

Mason’s current treatment plan involves 12 months of daily oral chemotherapy and fortnightly port access chemotherapy. Luckily, Mason is handling his treatments well and is due for another set of scans in 5 months time.

And despite all that he has been through, Mason continues to smile and spread joy and love to everyone around him.

As his mum, Alex told us, “Mason is an absolutely beautiful, funny kid who is always on the go and loves exploring and learning new things”.

Mason’s beautiful smile, patience and resilience help his parents through their toughest days… but it’ has been really hard for this incredible family.

In 2020, 695 riders joined the “Mason’s Mates” team and rode together to help Mason fight cancer.

And this year, we’re riding for Mason again because kids should be living life, NOT fighting it.

Keep kicking cancer's butt, Mason... thousands of riders across the country are pedalling for YOU!