Meet Quinn

Quinn was born at 29 weeks old, and ever since, she has been a fighter. She loves to draw, paint, read and can chat about anything!

On April 6, 2022, Quinn was diagnosed with high risk pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

It all started when poor Quinn had a runny nose, a high temperature and no energy. The following day, her mother noticed small blood spots spread across Quinn's body and knew something was terribly wrong.

Quinn was rushed to the emergency room, and the doctors initially thought she had meningococcal.

They took her bloods, and when the results came back, the doctors told Quinn’s family the devastating news…

Quinn had cancer.

"I knew it was bad before they told us, the way they walked into the room told me everything," Quinn's mum told us.

Since her diagnosis, Quinn has endured:

  • 5 x rounds of chemotherapy
  • 14 x blood transfusions
  • 12 x platelet transfusions
  • 8 x bone marrow aspirates/biopsies

…and countless blood tests and hospital visits.

Quinn has just completed her third and last high risk block of chemotherapy treatment. During these blocks, she unfortunately became very sick. She had no appetite which caused her to lose a kilogram of weight from her 14kg frame, and her potassium levels dropped due to her daily treatment of ambisone.

Quinn has a 2-year treatment plan, as the cancer can rapidly escalate without consistent monitoring. However, her parents are hopeful that by next year, no disease will be present and she can go into long-term maintenance.

Through all of this, Quinn has kept her cheeky, fun and bright personality. She still finds time to go to the playground, eat pizza and colour in between her treatments!

Even when she is exhausted from the lack of sleep and medication, her fighting spirit shines through.

"One of her catchphrases is 'you can’t catch Quinnie' which she’s continued to say even at points in treatment where she can’t walk," her mum said.

This tough little lady has a big journey ahead of her, but she will never stop fighting and will never give up.

Quinn, you are so brave and strong. We are riding for YOU this October!