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Rank Name Raised
252nd Yannick Dufour Yannick Dufour $2,500.88
253rd Rodney French Rodney French $2,500.52
254th john schoneveld john schoneveld $2,500.18
255th Wayne Scifleet Wayne Scifleet $2,496.27
256th Rob Chivers Rob Chivers $2,436.15
257th Ann Palmer Ann Palmer $2,399.98
258th Susan O'Hara Susan O'Hara $2,398.46
259th Lee-Anne Chalkley Lee-Anne Chalkley $2,369.11
260th Daniel Kinnane Daniel Kinnane $2,359.21
261st Laura Cheah Laura Cheah $2,357.71
262nd Josh Moore Josh Moore $2,346.40
263rd Venessa Zylka Venessa Zylka $2,344.44
264th Kylie McDuff Kylie McDuff $2,332.68
265th Tim Jarman Tim Jarman $2,332.22
266th Robert Petzke Robert Petzke $2,330.88
267th Darren Morrow Darren Morrow $2,324.14
268th Nicole Frain Nicole Frain $2,323.85
269th Olivia Laval Olivia Laval $2,309.52
270th Billy Laurence Billy Laurence $2,305.95
271st Dean Glover Dean Glover $2,293.53