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Rank Name Raised
1837th Mr Andrew Young Mr Andrew Young $703
116th David King David King $3,275
2224th Mark Gordon Mark Gordon $591
41st Ross Kohn Ross Kohn $5,221
745th Paul Stirling Paul Stirling $1,336
2698th Gerald Goody Gerald Goody $503
1090th Brett Andersen Brett Andersen $1,078
1602nd Ed Godwell Ed Godwell $802
2342nd Thomas Colls Thomas Colls $560
468th Joanne Weise Joanne Weise $1,716
562nd Malcolm Nicholson Malcolm Nicholson $1,564
5033rd Derek Williamson Derek Williamson $35
1495th Jonathan Devine Jonathan Devine $844
4132nd Karl Bensemann Karl Bensemann $119
895th Shirley Capon Shirley Capon $1,201
2439th Tony Brewster Tony Brewster $540
626th Vlado Taseski Vlado Taseski $1,472
5332nd Peter Stockwell Peter Stockwell $20
1550th Craig Strong Craig Strong $822
N/A Lachlan Spencer Lachlan Spencer $411