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Rank Name Raised
N/A Bailey Leighton Bailey Leighton $0
1338th Joshua Staines Joshua Staines $935
N/A Timothy Hards Timothy Hards $0
2863rd Andrew Eames Andrew Eames $453
4502nd Tracy Wilson Tracy Wilson $76
1897th Joanna Matricardi Joanna Matricardi $680
2641st Vicki Ockenden Vicki Ockenden $507
2831st Michael Shearwood Michael Shearwood $471
166th David Welch David Welch $127
2655th Stephen McEwen Stephen McEwen $506
2237th Don Moss Don Moss $586
2541st Strahan Olesen Strahan Olesen $522
3628th Tim Rothwell Tim Rothwell Tim Rothwell Tim Rothwell $219
N/A Gilles ROYER Gilles ROYER $0
5258th Ashley Vayro Ashley Vayro $21
N/A Sean McDonald Sean McDonald $1,124
1896th noel SMITH noel SMITH $681
319th Adrian Beckett Adrian Beckett $2,114
N/A Stuart Mitchell Stuart Mitchell $0
N/A Travis Bowland Travis Bowland $0