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Rank Name Raised
137th Peter Quin Peter Quin $368.92
138th Graham Eddy Graham Eddy $366.20
139th Daniel Mansbridge Daniel Mansbridge $364.46
140th max jordan max jordan $359.81
141st Antony Kalergis Antony Kalergis $357.08
142nd Paul Anlezark Paul Anlezark $353.50
143rd Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $351.90
144th Ellen Thenander Ellen Thenander $349.64
145th Andy Black Andy Black $343.77
146th Salina Currie Salina Currie $343.23
147th Amanda Couch Amanda Couch $341.48
148th Kathy Kaiser Kathy Kaiser $339.95
149th Jason Stephens Jason Stephens $336.38
150th Kylie Stewart Kylie Stewart $332.88
151st Mike Meynell Mike Meynell $332.18
152nd Belinda Nye-Chart Belinda Nye-Chart $331.21
153rd Bobbie Thompson Bobbie Thompson $330.86
154th Jules Walton Jules Walton $326.03
155th Zander Page Zander Page $324.80
156th Jarrod Elliott Jarrod Elliott $322.12