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Rank Name Raised
78th Julie Catherall Julie Catherall $1,389
79th Jade Chapple Jade Chapple $1,389
80th Andrea Moody Andrea Moody 3years $1,381
81st John Cooper John Cooper 7years $1,370
82nd John Thomas John Thomas 2years $1,366
83rd Tim Stevenson Tim Stevenson 3years $1,360
84th Sharon Buckley Sharon Buckley 2years $1,338
85th Dale Zar6 Dale Zar6 $1,335
86th Skye Monckton Skye Monckton 6years $1,331
87th Michael Loh Michael Loh 2years $1,329
88th Prakash Mistry Prakash Mistry 2years $1,326
89th Benjamin Conolly Benjamin Conolly 2years $1,296
90th Steve Eden Steve Eden 3years $1,293
91st Paul Nield Paul Nield 6years $1,290
92nd Jess Ballinger Jess Ballinger $1,287
93rd Tony Thelander Tony Thelander 3years $1,285
94th Vijay Wijayakumar Vijay Wijayakumar 2years $1,280
95th harley van belkom harley van belkom 2years $1,278
96th Jason Robinson Jason Robinson $1,270
97th Luke Baker Luke Baker 2years $1,263