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Rank Name Raised
193rd Fleur Peters Fleur Peters $3,533
194th Klaus Bartosch Klaus Bartosch $3,523
195th John De Sousa John De Sousa $3,520
196th Rachael Alford Rachael Alford $3,515
197th Sinead Chiplen Sinead Chiplen $3,511
198th Craig McCully Craig McCully $3,502
199th Daniel Davis Daniel Davis $3,502
200th Matt West Matt West $3,497
201st Jamie Middleton Jamie Middleton $3,482
202nd Andree Haydar Andree Haydar $3,461
203rd Joshua Fitzgerald Joshua Fitzgerald $3,457
204th Mark Anthony Cane Mark Anthony Cane $3,451
205th David Butcher David Butcher $3,443
206th Mark Carrington Mark Carrington $3,440
207th Richard Murphy Richard Murphy $3,430
208th Marius Dekker Marius Dekker $3,428
209th Damian Ebzery Damian Ebzery $3,416
210th Ben OBrien Ben OBrien $3,401
211th Steve Nielsen Steve Nielsen $3,400
212th Peter Polovin Peter Polovin $3,395