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Rank Name Raised
230th Tony Mickelson Tony Mickelson $2,582.32
231st Michael Larcombe Michael Larcombe $2,572.45
232nd Mark Bellinger Mark Bellinger $2,563.90
233rd Melly Coller Melly Coller $2,557.60
234th Greg Butler Greg Butler $2,554.86
235th Jacqueline Foulds Jacqueline Foulds $2,552.94
236th Robert Miller Robert Miller $2,545.50
237th Ossie Sutton Ossie Sutton $2,543.79
238th Heather Munro Heather Munro $2,541.06
239th Michael Tiernan Michael Tiernan $2,539.89
240th Jessica Carr Jessica Carr $2,537.06
241st Andrew Hubbard Andrew Hubbard $2,534.79
242nd Adrian Burke Adrian Burke $2,530.50
243rd Evan Hoar Evan Hoar $2,530.24
244th Aiden Metcalf Aiden Metcalf $2,522.01
245th Adrian Fedrigo Adrian Fedrigo $2,521.64
246th William Doble William Doble $2,521.22
247th John Schoneveld John Schoneveld $2,520.88
248th James Scorer James Scorer $2,518.80
249th Shrek Cahill Shrek Cahill $2,512.47