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Rank Name Raised
N/A Keiran Macey Keiran Macey $0
1211th kelly kummerfeld kelly kummerfeld $1,011.21
N/A Kelvin Hall Kelvin Hall $0
483rd Ken Frey Ken Frey $1,688.69
5034th Ken Nelder Ken Nelder $35
N/A Kerry Tahi Kerry Tahi $255.39
N/A Kerryn Pell Kerryn Pell $0
N/A Kerstin Henshaw Kerstin Henshaw $0
N/A Khaled Shahwan Khaled Shahwan $0
5034th Kieran Brophy Kieran Brophy $35
3806th Kirsten Lambert Kirsten Lambert $181.25
N/A Konstantine Kobalia Konstantine Kobalia $0
N/A Kris Steadman Kris Steadman $0
N/A Kristin Taylor Kristin Taylor $57.30
114th Kristina Rorhan Kristina Rorhan $3,292.30
1457th Kristy Blake Kristy Blake $861.58
N/A Kritiketan Sharma Kritiketan Sharma $0
N/A Krzysztof Krzton Krzysztof Krzton $0
281st Kyle Goff Kyle Goff $2,283.01
N/A Kyle Griffin Kyle Griffin $0