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Rank Name Raised
178th Shari Chambers Shari Chambers $1,106
179th Mark Sorby Mark Sorby $1,105
180th Michelle Turner Michelle Turner $1,105
181st Shaun Dawson Shaun Dawson $1,084
182nd Greg Paddon Greg Paddon $1,084
183rd Doug Austin Doug Austin $1,082
183rd Shannon Williams Shannon Williams $1,082
185th Daniel Hackett Daniel Hackett $1,081
186th Fraser Cole Fraser Cole $1,077
187th Olivia Marceddo Olivia Marceddo $1,075
188th Tracey Skipper Tracey Skipper $1,075
189th Laura Mclaren Laura Mclaren $1,073
190th Michele Argles Michele Argles $1,073
191st Andrew Roughie Stephens Andrew Roughie Stephens $1,066
192nd Sandi Samain Sandi Samain $1,065
193rd Ali Said Ozcelik Ali Said Ozcelik $1,062
194th Ronaldino Stuyvesant Ronaldino Stuyvesant $1,061
195th Danielle Morrison Danielle Morrison $1,061
196th Aruvi Nadarajah Aruvi Nadarajah $1,058
197th Lenny Griffiths Lenny Griffiths $1,054