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Rank Name Raised
N/A Amy Stubbs Amy Stubbs $0
N/A Anastasia Seator Anastasia Seator $0
N/A Angela Cash Angela Cash $0
64th Anne-Maree McLeod Anne-Maree McLeod $52
N/A Bailey Cockburn Bailey Cockburn $0
N/A Barney Starcevic Barney Starcevic $0
N/A Bernadette Royal Bernadette Royal $0
N/A Bradley Duguay Bradley Duguay $0
N/A Brenton Pobjie Brenton Pobjie $0
N/A Brett Andersen Brett Andersen $0
N/A Carlyn Cadriel Carlyn Cadriel $0
N/A Cath Linkins Cath Linkins $0
N/A Cathy Blight Cathy Blight $0
N/A Dimitrios Latinos Dimitrios Latinos $0
N/A Erica Harvell Erica Harvell $0
N/A Frederik Bredenkamp Frederik Bredenkamp $0
N/A Gavin McAlister Gavin McAlister $0
N/A Georgina Petherick Georgina Petherick $0
N/A Glenn McIntosh Glenn McIntosh $0
N/A Glenn Varley Glenn Varley $0