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Rank Name Raised
138th James Hough James Hough $862.48
139th Kate Beeson Kate Beeson $860.03
140th Clint Stewart Clint Stewart $856.12
141st Rachael Alford Rachael Alford $847.84
142nd Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn $847.00
143rd peter burr peter burr $845.94
144th Susan Wong Susan Wong $838.38
145th Julian Williams Julian Williams $836.23
146th Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $835.97
147th Michael Nobes Michael Nobes $833.67
148th Sameera Bashir Sameera Bashir $831.58
149th Jason Dyson Jason Dyson $831.46
150th Alenka Jeram Alenka Jeram $827.54
151st Chris Sutton Chris Sutton $826.73
152nd Greg Paddon Greg Paddon $824.07
153rd Mike Westerman Mike Westerman $821.60
154th Joel Thomas Joel Thomas $820.17
155th Michael Edgar Michael Edgar $819.47
156th Jing Tan Jing Tan $810.94
157th Toni Frost Toni Frost $809.84