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Rank Name Raised
119th Nathan Gray Nathan Gray 2years $1,182
120th Hugo Cain Hugo Cain $1,180
121st Ross Sparks Ross Sparks 7years $1,179
122nd Shauna Bowden Shauna Bowden $1,166
123rd Claydon Georges Claydon Georges $1,165
124th Bradley Hedgelong Bradley Hedgelong 5years $1,164
125th Melvin Hernandez Melvin Hernandez $1,150
126th Bradley Newman Bradley Newman $1,149
127th Hunter Balfour Hunter Balfour $1,144
128th Marcus Liddicoat Marcus Liddicoat 5years $1,133
129th Bryce Parker Bryce Parker 2years $1,132
130th Rich O'Connor Rich O'Connor 3years $1,130
131st Darren Morrow Darren Morrow 3years $1,122
132nd Pete Butcher Pete Butcher 2years $1,121
133rd Martin Pham Martin Pham $1,119
134th Tim Liu Tim Liu $1,119
135th Nektor Zervos Nektor Zervos 2years $1,116
136th Tim Barnes Tim Barnes $1,112
137th Joel Miguel Joel Miguel $1,111
138th Greg Carlos Greg Carlos $1,110