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Rank Name Raised
177th Garry Long Garry Long 3years $3,600
178th Ryan Cullen Ryan Cullen 2years $3,600
179th Justin Duff Justin Duff $3,597
180th Peter Paproth Peter Paproth 2years $3,585
181st Karlene Heathcote Karlene Heathcote 4years $3,578
182nd Henry Uen Henry Uen 5years $3,555
183rd Shaun Mulloy Shaun Mulloy 2years $3,552
184th Chris Finley Chris Finley 5years $3,547
185th Louise Hyam Louise Hyam $3,541
186th Ray Aquilina Ray Aquilina $3,534
187th Nathan Saad Nathan Saad $3,521
188th Kerry Forrest Kerry Forrest 7years $3,515
189th amber holland amber holland $3,513
190th Narelle Simons Narelle Simons $3,511
4096th Kirstin McMillan Leibbrandt Kirstin McMillan Leibbrandt 5years $3,497
191st Fr Thomas Casanova Fr Thomas Casanova 2years $3,492
192nd Lautaro Jaque Lautaro Jaque $3,488
193rd David Price David Price 5years $3,487
194th Satish Komali Satish Komali 2years $3,480
195th Jamie Miller Jamie Miller 6years $3,469