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Rank Name Raised
6012th Rob Cain Rob Cain $104
608th Phil Moody Phil Moody 2years $2,054
5531st Scott Wright Scott Wright 4years $166
1763rd Anthony Smit Anthony Smit 4years $1,032
3128th Kori Eaton Kori Eaton 5years $634
6337th Ann OBrien Ann OBrien $72
244th Rodney French Rodney French 5years $3,161
2601st Cameron Knight Cameron Knight $756
603rd Michael Davis Michael Davis 2years $2,060
4311th Tim sheppard Tim sheppard $426
2609th Ben Paul Ben Paul $754
N/A Levi Joshua Miral Levi Joshua Miral $0
2130th Joseph John (jose) Joseph John (jose) $893
2466th Richard Hoisser Richard Hoisser 2years $797
2043rd Matthew Bailes Matthew Bailes $928
6542nd Michael Lewis Michael Lewis 2years $57
1669th Stephane Le Blanc Stephane Le Blanc 3years $1,068
4109th Rob Bullen Rob Bullen $476
3079th Jason Pontt Jason Pontt 2years $645
5693rd Evan Peacock Evan Peacock 5years $141