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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ian Snare Ian Snare 2years $0
2265th Jarrad Camilleri Jarrad Camilleri 3years $848
850th Jed Metcher Jed Metcher $1,651
1014th Tony Ryan Tony Ryan 7years $1,470
856th Peter Eggleton Peter Eggleton $1,645
1613th Loke Meng Wong Loke Meng Wong 2years $1,092
3493rd Jayden Andrews Jayden Andrews $566
320th Jake Karst Jake Karst $2,801
2212th Dannielle Sherman Dannielle Sherman 2years $860
881st Paul Johnson Paul Johnson 7years $1,618
273rd Brad de Plater Brad de Plater 7years $3,016
435th Missy Batten Missy Batten 2years $2,413
N/A Sandy Powell Sandy Powell 2years $0
4751st Ed Godwell Ed Godwell 4years $324
25th Huw Jarman Huw Jarman 2years $7,327
1498th Roger Doherty Roger Doherty $1,153
117th Trim Chakrapani Trim Chakrapani 4years $4,262
N/A Vas Kiatos Vas Kiatos $0
1175th Aaron Pearce Aaron Pearce 7years $1,334
N/A Aaron Shoemaker Aaron Shoemaker 2years $0