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Rank Name Raised
N/A Kevin Hilliam Kevin Hilliam 7years $0
N/A Kevin Hosken Kevin Hosken 2years $0
N/A Kiarnah Templeton Kiarnah Templeton 3years $0
N/A Kimberley Brown Kimberley Brown 2years $0
N/A Krishna Kondagunturi Krishna Kondagunturi 4years $0
N/A Kristina Rorhan Kristina Rorhan 2years $0
N/A Kyle Venville Kyle Venville 3years $0
N/A Laura Cheah Laura Cheah 7years $0
N/A Lee McIntosh Lee McIntosh 4years $0
N/A Leigh MacIsaac Leigh MacIsaac 3years $0
N/A Leslie Vlasin Leslie Vlasin $0
N/A Liam Hambleton Liam Hambleton $0
N/A Lizzie Crankybum Lizzie Crankybum 5years $0
N/A Logan Gruber Logan Gruber 2years $0
N/A Logan Loftin Logan Loftin $0
N/A Louise Hyam Louise Hyam 2years $0
N/A Louise Ogden Louise Ogden 3years $0
N/A Lucas Sheldrick Lucas Sheldrick 2years $0
N/A Luke Cunningham Luke Cunningham 5years $0
N/A Luke Edwards Luke Edwards 4years $0