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Rank Name Raised
217th Damien Walsh Damien Walsh $945
218th Matthew Shaw Matthew Shaw $941
219th Lisa JENNINGS Lisa JENNINGS $939
220th Michael Templeton Michael Templeton 2years $938
221st Claire Planinsek Claire Planinsek $937
222nd Philip Leck Philip Leck $937
223rd Joady Bye Joady Bye $932
224th Brock Dorling Brock Dorling $928
225th John Wood John Wood 4years $926
226th Rica Ang Rica Ang $925
227th Marcel Willimann Marcel Willimann $919
228th Brett McMurtrie Brett McMurtrie 2years $916
228th Kurt Newton Kurt Newton $916
230th Sam Hoffmann Sam Hoffmann 3years $906
231st Wahaj Meer Wahaj Meer 2years $905
232nd Brendon Smith Brendon Smith $903
233rd Kate Barrett Kate Barrett $901
234th Martin Wallace Martin Wallace 2years $900
235th Storm Dumas Storm Dumas $900
236th Jordan Botha Jordan Botha $899