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Rank Name Raised
76th Claire O'Connor Claire O'Connor $509.88
77th Lawrence Atkinson Lawrence Atkinson $508.32
78th Joel Thomas Joel Thomas $505.97
79th Annalisa Smythe Annalisa Smythe $505.30
80th Ashley Knowles Ashley Knowles $504.88
81st Anthony Dal Molin Anthony Dal Molin $503.31
82nd Leah Gray Leah Gray $501.99
83rd Hamdi Al-Ansari Hamdi Al-Ansari $501.98
83rd Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $501.98
85th Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn $501.50
86th Linda Dominic Linda Dominic $500
86th Matt Reed Matt Reed $500
86th Melita Rees Melita Rees $500
89th Leanne Storer Leanne Storer $499.53
90th Anne Henderson Anne Henderson $496.81
91st Ashley Haddrill Ashley Haddrill $490.87
92nd Michael Holland Michael Holland $490.40
N/A Samantha Foster Samantha Foster $478.85
93rd Ray Rollison Ray Rollison $476.11
N/A Peta-Kylie Feain Peta-Kylie Feain $476.08