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Rank Name Raised
80th Paul Johnson Paul Johnson $71
80th Rob Schueler Rob Schueler $71
83rd Greg Dalton Greg Dalton $71
83rd Michael Templeton Michael Templeton $71
85th Dominica Thomson Dominica Thomson $70
85th Julie Goodall Julie Goodall $70
85th June Towers June Towers $70
85th Kate Richardson Kate Richardson $70
85th Kirsten Johnston Kirsten Johnston $70
85th Liz Lindsay Liz Lindsay $70
85th Michelle Bailey Michelle Bailey $70
85th Robert Hirst Robert Hirst $70
85th Ryan Turner Ryan Turner $70
85th Stephen Blake Stephen Blake $70
85th Tracey Rankin Tracey Rankin $70
85th Vanessa Smith Vanessa Smith $70
97th Peter Quin Peter Quin $66
98th Joshua Stevenson Joshua Stevenson $62
99th Leanne Cusack Leanne Cusack $57
100th Anne-Maree McLeod Anne-Maree McLeod $52