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Rank Name Raised
N/A Wayne Clare Wayne Clare $0
329th Adam Young Adam Young $243
N/A Craig Forster Craig Forster $0
N/A James Bibby James Bibby $0
N/A Jason Drury Jason Drury $0
N/A Josh Lagodzki Josh Lagodzki $0
N/A Phil Atherton Phil Atherton $0
N/A Anne Turner Anne Turner $0
203rd Anthony Osborn Anthony Osborn $377
N/A Bichoy Labib Bichoy Labib $0
N/A Billy Amourous Billy Amourous $0
59th Bridget Riggs Bridget Riggs $806
N/A Chris Ryan Chris Ryan $0
56th Danielle Morrison Danielle Morrison $828
N/A David Stakes David Stakes $0
72nd Gordon Henwood Gordon Henwood $744
1023rd Hayley Flynn Hayley Flynn $41
N/A Jed Moore Jed Moore $0
N/A Lisa Scoon Lisa Scoon $0
N/A Max Reinhardt Max Reinhardt $0