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Rank Name Raised
411th Kevin Hilliam Kevin Hilliam 7years $2,341
412th Drew Cook Drew Cook 2years $2,335
413th Jason Prosser Jason Prosser $2,334
414th Jeff Twomey Jeff Twomey $2,334
415th Robert Moody Robert Moody 2years $2,333
416th Nate Stewart Nate Stewart $2,332
417th Josh Hunt Josh Hunt 2years $2,332
418th Jordan Papadopoulos Jordan Papadopoulos $2,327
419th FJ Amos-Mclean FJ Amos-Mclean 5years $2,324
420th David smith David smith 5years $2,323
421st Cody Smith Cody Smith $2,323
422nd Robert Petzke Robert Petzke 4years $2,322
423rd Shan Rana Shan Rana $2,305
424th Mark Wilson Mark Wilson 3years $2,304
425th Ava Short Ava Short $2,301
426th Pradeep Prabhu Pradeep Prabhu $2,293
427th Jaspreet Maan Jaspreet Maan 2years $2,290
428th Jay Coady Jay Coady 2years $2,288
429th Prakash Bhandari Prakash Bhandari $2,287
430th Andrew Brooks Andrew Brooks 5years $2,286