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Rank Name Raised
4487th Declan Wharton Declan Wharton $479
3964th Donny Jansen Donny Jansen $539
1436th Laurie Hunt Laurie Hunt 5years $1,292
N/A Simon McCormack Simon McCormack 5years $0
1722nd Troy Marshall Troy Marshall 5years $1,151
1868th Randy Sweet Randy Sweet 2years $1,088
1623rd Michael Coleman Michael Coleman $1,195
5062nd Peter Mills Peter Mills $298
258th Suraj Padinjarute Suraj Padinjarute 4years $3,365
3471st Brendan Hutton Brendan Hutton 4years $5,461
N/A Shaw Innes Shaw Innes 3years $0
6707th Christine Kinlay Christine Kinlay $52
N/A Tobias Bateman Tobias Bateman 4years $0
5340th Michael Lewis Michael Lewis 2years $229
6167th Rob Cain Rob Cain $104
539th Daniel Oldfield Daniel Oldfield 5years $2,505
1747th Sally Wallace Sally Wallace 7years $1,137
6281st Yvonne Chia Yvonne Chia $100
386th Luke Middleton Luke Middleton 2years $2,823
6167th Allison Thomas Allison Thomas $104