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Rank Name Raised
N/A Mark Coxon Mark Coxon $0
4903rd Giuseppe Strati Giuseppe Strati $348
5136th Tony Lammens Tony Lammens 3years $275
6657th Dave Traves Dave Traves $59
1881st Shirley-Anne Taylor Shirley-Anne Taylor $1,084
2754th Adam Illman Adam Illman 4years $788
6489th Cristiano Mastropietro Cristiano Mastropietro $72
638th Mick Rose Mick Rose $2,223
1509th Steve Jacobs Steve Jacobs 2years $1,256
6709th Steve Tsai Steve Tsai $52
74th Mark Anthony Cane Mark Anthony Cane 3years $5,757
2836th Tim sheppard Tim sheppard $764
2611th Julia Botfield Julia Botfield $822
4405th Kim Gower Kim Gower 3years $501
4633rd Robert Mulyk Robert Mulyk 4years $418
N/A Ee Tan Ee Tan 3years $0
4377th Nigel Bailey Nigel Bailey 2years $502
N/A Elizabeth Williams Elizabeth Williams 2years $0
N/A Juho Lee Juho Lee $0
5720th Greg Thomms Greg Thomms 6years $166