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Rank Name Raised
1980th Calvin Lynch Calvin Lynch 2years $900
6494th Cam Gray Cam Gray 2years $52
1456th Cameron Blight Cameron Blight 6years $1,114
2602nd Campbell Stewart Campbell Stewart 2years $718
N/A Cara Simpson Cara Simpson $0
N/A Carl Allars Carl Allars $0
1422nd Carl Young Carl Young 2years $1,129
757th Carly Hawthorne Carly Hawthorne $1,677
1906th Carol Milligan Carol Milligan 3years $929
948th Case Scholtes Case Scholtes $1,450
4246th Cassie Leatham Cassie Leatham $414
1310th C├ęcilian Deby Cécilian Deby $1,195
4149th Charlotte Ann Charlotte Ann 2years $430
7081st Chris D'Cruz Chris D'Cruz 2years $33
N/A chris frazer chris frazer 7years $0
545th Chris Gonzalez Chris Gonzalez 6years $2,061
1382nd Chris Goullet Chris Goullet 2years $1,154
N/A Chris Lam Chris Lam $0
68th Chris MacDonald Chris MacDonald $5,065
457th Chris Tan Chris Tan 2years $3,280