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Rank Name Raised
118th David Irlam David Irlam $3,266.57
119th Jocelyn Ledger Jocelyn Ledger $3,255.67
120th David Jones David Jones $3,241.17
121st Jason Thompson Jason Thompson $3,236.05
122nd Andrew Carolan Andrew Carolan $3,232.99
123rd Sameera Bashir Sameera Bashir $3,227.37
124th Liz Gibbeson Liz Gibbeson $3,220.11
125th James Long James Long $3,215.96
126th Robert Axford Robert Axford $3,212.14
127th Bryce Parker Bryce Parker $3,203.44
128th John Beshay John Beshay John Beshay John Beshay $3,201.31
129th Joshua Arens Joshua Arens $3,200.91
130th Neil Bramble Neil Bramble $3,198.28
131st Liam Collins Liam Collins $3,187.11
132nd David Johnston David Johnston $3,184.98
133rd Kelly Morley Kelly Morley $3,177.37
134th Michael Edgar Michael Edgar $3,170.14
N/A Michael Howes Michael Howes $3,165.03
135th Kathy Challinor Kathy Challinor $3,147.36
136th Amy Maguire Amy Maguire $3,143.54