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Rank Name Raised
460th Hains Nguyen Hains Nguyen 2years $624
461st Samantha Hole Samantha Hole 7years $621
461st Tony McDonald Tony McDonald $621
463rd Isla Turney Isla Turney $620
464th Luke Staples Luke Staples 2years $618
465th Mandy Leigh Mandy Leigh 4years $616
466th Tom Foley Tom Foley $615
467th Vin L’Huillier Vin L’Huillier $614
468th Michael Tapp Michael Tapp 2years $614
469th Rae Palmer Rae Palmer 3years $612
470th Heather Prudence Heather Prudence 3years $612
471st Jonathon Campbell Jonathon Campbell 4years $612
472nd Neil Beattie Neil Beattie 2years $611
473rd Chris Scott Chris Scott 3years $610
474th Jarrod Lees Jarrod Lees 3years $609
475th Anthony Sinclair Anthony Sinclair $608
476th Alan Grieef Alan Grieef 2years $607
477th Marjo Hallowell Marjo Hallowell 5years $606
478th BJ Shield BJ Shield $605
479th David Holmes David Holmes $605