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Rank Name Raised
N/A Richard Marks Richard Marks $0
N/A Rob Fisher Rob Fisher $0
N/A Robert Alman Robert Alman $0
N/A Roel Cirkel Roel Cirkel $0
N/A Roy Bloomfield Roy Bloomfield $0
N/A Samantha Duggan Samantha Duggan $0
N/A Sarah Twyford Sarah Twyford $0
N/A Shakaya Templeton Shakaya Templeton $0
N/A Shaun McGill Shaun McGill $0
18th Stephen Lister Stephen Lister $120
N/A Steve Jozwin Steve Jozwin $0
1st Stuart Walsh Stuart Walsh $947
N/A Trevor Ward Trevor Ward $0
N/A Valerie Bartley Valerie Bartley $0
N/A Vicki Weller Vicki Weller $0
N/A John Rayner John Rayner $0
N/A Curti curtis Curti curtis $0
N/A Ron Turner Ron Turner $0
N/A Anthony Hazlewood Anthony Hazlewood $0
N/A Barry Emo Barry Emo $0