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Rank Name Raised
842nd Minh-Tam Nguyen Minh-Tam Nguyen $70
842nd Neville Dummett Neville Dummett $70
842nd Paul Sclater Paul Sclater $70
842nd Paula Wilson Paula Wilson $70
842nd Robbie Gelvezon Robbie Gelvezon $70
842nd Robert Hirst Robert Hirst $70
842nd Ryan Macey Ryan Macey $70
842nd Ryan Turner Ryan Turner $70
842nd Shane Howell Shane Howell $70
842nd Shane Kumar Shane Kumar $70
842nd Shaylen Madhoo Shaylen Madhoo $70
842nd Stephen Blake Stephen Blake $70
842nd Tim Butt Tim Butt $70
842nd Tim Jarman Tim Jarman $70
842nd Tracey Rankin Tracey Rankin $70
842nd Vanessa Smith Vanessa Smith $70
842nd Vicki Rose Vicki Rose $70
N/A Mark Strachan Mark Strachan $0
887th Adrian Osborne Adrian Osborne $67
887th Colin Smith Colin Smith $67