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Rank Name Raised
4733rd Tayla Christopher Tayla Christopher $52
N/A Tayla Edgar Tayla Edgar $0
N/A Taylor Chen Taylor Chen $0
N/A Teddi Russell Teddi Russell $0
N/A Tegan Beesley Tegan Beesley $0
3531st Tegan McNeil Tegan McNeil $239
3399th Tegan Somer Tegan Somer $270
N/A Teng Khaw Teng Khaw $0
N/A Tenisha Stevens Tenisha Stevens $0
N/A Tennille Bishop Tennille Bishop $356
N/A Terence Kwong Terence Kwong $0
2765th Teresa Cotton Teresa Cotton $500
2423rd Teresa Draper Teresa Draper $543
N/A Terri Simpson Terri Simpson $0
N/A Terry Day Terry Day $0
N/A Terry John Terry John $0
1082nd Tess Badenoch Tess Badenoch $1,083
N/A Tessa Davis Tessa Davis $0
N/A Thelvin Maningas Thelvin Maningas $0
N/A Theo Janse Van Nieuwenhuizen Theo Janse Van Nieuwenhuizen $0