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Rank Name Raised
4522nd Vanessa Warbrook Vanessa Warbrook $51.75
3235th Vanessa Yacat Vanessa Yacat $97.10
N/A Vaughan Harvey Vaughan Harvey $0
N/A Vedran Tanasic Vedran Tanasic $0
N/A Veerpal Kaur Veerpal Kaur $0
3190th Venita Walder Venita Walder $246.65
5357th Vernon Mah Vernon Mah $10
3788th Vicki Atkins Vicki Atkins $935.89
N/A Vicki Beames Vicki Beames $0
2968th Vicki Delves Vicki Delves $296.12
N/A Vicki Fenech Vicki Fenech $0
N/A Vicki Hunter Vicki Hunter $0
3920th Victor Laredo-Rodriguez Victor Laredo-Rodriguez $117.80
N/A Victor Ryan Victor Ryan $0
N/A Victoria Rodriguez G Victoria Rodriguez G $0
706th Viji Udayashankar Viji Udayashankar $1,172.16
N/A vikki kotrolos vikki kotrolos $0
N/A Vileittah Diwzyne Vileittah Diwzyne $0
N/A Vilko Poznovia Vilko Poznovia $0
N/A Vince H Vince H $0