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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alejandro Arcila Mora Alejandro Arcila Mora $0
N/A Alejandro Chiorazzo Alejandro Chiorazzo $0
N/A Alejandro Rodriguez Alejandro Rodriguez $0
1763rd Alek Kangur Alek Kangur $72.45
N/A Alekzandar Schmiegel Alekzandar Schmiegel $0
134th Alenka Jeram Alenka Jeram $827.54
N/A Alesio Bejleri Alesio Bejleri $0
N/A Alessandra Lum Alessandra Lum $0
N/A Alessandro Vinci Alessandro Vinci $0
N/A Alessio Meriggi Alessio Meriggi $0
1254th Aletha Nightingale Aletha Nightingale $137.98
N/A Alethea Pagels Alethea Pagels $0
N/A Alex Baumgartner Alex Baumgartner $0
N/A Alex Bigg Alex Bigg $0
1181st Alex Blaine Alex Blaine $153.33
804th Alex Boike Alex Boike $243.23
N/A Alex Bradner Alex Bradner $0
665th alex brotherton alex brotherton $291.48
N/A Alex Burovanov Alex Burovanov $0
N/A Alex Burris Alex Burris $0